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The Biorhythm Membership includes a set of tools all rolled up into one program. The program enables individuals to monitor their emotional, intellectual, and physical well being to make accurate predictions for their own futures.

  • They offer a three-day trial.
  • You can cancel your membership at anytime.
  • Friends and family can use your membership.
  • The program can help you get back on track and achieve your goals.
  • The trial is rather short and still costs money ($0.99).
  • The membership costs nearly $200 per year.

A Biorhythm is a recurring physiological cycle of a functioning organism.

It’s a pattern unique to us as individual human beings, as it involves our mental, emotional, and physical activity throughout our daily lives. 

The theory of biorhythms claims that our daily lives are affected by rhythmic cycles, and so through mathematical equations, various aspects of our lives can be predicted.

The mental, emotional, and physical aspects are the three cycles in which a person’s biorhythm is broken down. 

If you’ve ever felt something missing from your life, such as some essential experience, it could be a sign that you’re not in tune with your life’s path. 

Entering a biorhythm program allows you to assess where you are in life in terms of the three cycles.

From there, you can realign yourself with your life’s purpose, and stay on track rather than deviating from your bath.

Even if you’re not into things such as numerology, spirituality, or manifestation, calculating your biorhythm can help you refocus your goals and daily routine.

This is our Biorhythm Membership review, and if you landed on this Biorhythm review, it was probably meant to be.

What is The Biorhythm Membership?

The Biorhythm Review

It is believed that we are born into this world with an “invisible path” attached to us.

While some people remain aligned with their path, or, life’s purpose; others tend to wander. 

The Biorhythm membership is a paid membership that allows you to calculate your current biorhythm and monitor your biorhythm moving forward. 

The purpose behind the membership is to gain insight into your own life, and what makes you tick, so you can get on the right path and get closer to achieving your goals.

Each month that you’re a member, your biorhythm is calculated via the biorhythm calculator.

This is done to check your progress and ensure that you haven’t deviated from your life’s path. 

The goal is to help you reach unlimited success, love, and happiness in your life.

The Biorhythm Overview

The Biorhythm program membership allows you to track and monitor your progress through a set of specific and correlating cycles.

These are cycles that we unknowingly go through daily, which affect how we achieve success, create healthy habits, define our relationships, and the overall outcome of our journey in life.

The three primary cycles that are measured and monitored by the biorhythm calculator are as follows:

The Physical

The physical calculator will monitor your strength, coordination, and overall well being.

It will let you know which days are best to carry out intense physical activity, when to rest, and when to avoid certain things, such as surgery.

The Emotional

The emotional calculator monitors your mood, your levels of sensitivity, creativity, awareness, and perception.

It can warn you of upcoming negative emotions—for yourself or others—and guide you in working with others.

The Intellectual

The intellectual calculator monitors logical and analytical thinking. It also monitors your alertness, memory, and communication skills.

It can reveal the best days for you to learn something new or the best time to simply reflect or study. It will also help guide you with your decision making. 

The correlating calculators include passion, mastery, wisdom, intuition, harmony, relaxation, balance, romance, and teamwork.

Each can reveal crucial moments in your life. For example, these can indicate when to take on a new project, when to take a step back and relax, when to interact with others, and so on. 

Pricing Plan Options

The Biorhythm Membership is offered annually at $195. The membership includes unrestricted access, unlimited reports, up to five users per account, a 365-day money-back guarantee, and easy cancellation.

For $0.99, you can access a trial membership that includes all of the annual membership benefits for up to three days. 

After the three days, you can choose to pay $35 per month or go with the yearly $195.


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning The Biorhythm membership.

Does The Biorhythm Really Work?

The Biorhythm calculator is one of the most accurately tested programs. It’s something that has been theorized about and studied since the time of the ancient Greek philosophers.

The calculator is also guaranteed to work or your money back.

What is a Biorhythm Calculator?

A biorhythm calculator uses basic arithmetic to predict the patterns of your life cycles.

Based on those patterns, you can make predictions on how certain aspects of your life will be affected by your personality traits.

While biorhythms are largely theorized based on arithmetic and cyclic patterns, studies show that they affect our personality traits.

Our personality traits and characteristics are ultimately how we go about our daily tasks, interact with others, and make crucial decisions.

Do They Offer Refunds or Product Guarantees?

Yes. The Biorhythm calculator is guaranteed to work, or you can cancel your membership and receive a full refund—at any time.

Who Should Consider Buying?

Anyone who feels like they’re “off-track” or missing out on something great in their life would benefit from The Biorhythm Calculator.

It would even be suitable for individuals who want to become more centered and achieve higher levels of happiness, love, and success in their lives.

Final Thoughts

The Biorhythm Membership offers a unique set of tools to help individuals get back on track with their lives. 

By doing so, they become more centered, which allows them to achieve greater success, happiness, and love.

If you’re someone who feels as if they’re wandering through life with no purpose, having your biorhythm calculated and monitored can help you get on track to living your best life.

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The program enables individuals to monitor their emotional, intellectual, and physical well being to make accurate predictions for their own futures.

The Biorhythm vs. Alternatives

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The Biorhythm Membership
The Biorhythm Review

The Biorhythm Membership includes a set of tools all rolled up into one program. The program enables individuals to monitor their emotional, intellectual, and physical well being to make accurate predictions for their own futures.

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