Wix: The Free Visual Website Builder


I remember, many years ago, when I wanted to build my own website. What I did was check the “view source” on websites that I liked and tried to get a rudimentary understanding of the HTML elements.

I would copy and paste the sections that I needed and fumble my way through the code until I ended up with something that seemed to work. It was crude, it was ugly, but I guess it worked.

Thankfully, the process for building your own custom website is far easier today, because you don’t need to touch or even see a single line of code.

If you use the free website builder from Wix, for example, your experience is completely within the browser and everything you need to do is through a visual editor. And yes, you get started with some pretty great looking templates too.

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What Is Wix?

You may have encountered other content management systems and visual site builders, but there are few out there that have as robust a feature set as that being offered by Wix.

You start out with a free website builder that comes with a huge set of tools. The website builder itself is drag-and-drop, so all you have to do is put the image exactly where you want it and that’s how it will render on your website. The web hosting is included and there is a unique Wix App Market to further expand the functionality of your site.

Many of these apps are also free, making it easy for you to integrate an online store, for example. There are also apps for building forms, offering coupons, adding rating widgets, including live chat, and embedding a variety of social media buttons like Google+, Pinterest and Facebook.

Wix Website Builder: Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor

The Wix website builder for thousands of people who have discovered this easy-to-use platform. People remark in the ads that they were able to build a website in one day or less, or even in just an hour. The easy to use drag-and-drop interface makes it much simpler for people to create their sites. But, many more things stand out about Wix.

For one thing, Wix makes the process of website building easy for anyone wanting to build a website. By using their predesigned templates and tools, you can create a site quickly and have it up online in no time at all.

Wix takes the approach that people want high quality and great features on their website, even if they don’t have a clue on how to code or to tap into a highly technical tool. In fact, Wix has included all of those specialty tools at the backend, so all you have to do is use their easy editor to utilize these features. Imagine that!

Professional Templates

One way Wix creates a platform that will allow you to get your website up and running so fast is their professional template collection. They have included templates from almost every industry imaginable. Take a look at some of their web templates here.

You’ll notice when browsing through the templates that each style has a unique personality and look. This is because each industry it represents has a unique look as well. Look at the car industry template for example.

When visitors first come to the page, they immediately see a car in the middle of the page, so there is no doubt what the website is about. It also features the logo and brand name right in the middle of the page, as well.

The visual effects, coupled with the attractive car garage background let people know what the brand is about at first look. This is important, especially for people on mobile devices that you may only have a few seconds to win over!

Check out the navigation of this module, as well. It is located at the very top. It is simple and straightforward but attractive. The lettering and background color nicely match the rest of the theme.

This is just one example of the type of themes you’ll find with the predesigned templates Wix offers users, and it is one way that Wix makes site-building easy for anyone.


Another big point for Wix is the way the editor allows for easy drag-and-drop of elements. You can drag and drop practically any type of elements such as pictures, text boxes, videos, podcasts, or any other element you want to add.

This is one of the favorite features of Wix users because it takes the guesswork out of creating a site by allowing you to put whatever you want on your site with minimal trouble. It also allows for flexibility by allowing you to add additional code such as HTML blocks of text to spruce up your site.

Here is an example site that you can build using the Wix system.

It’s a clean and simple design, but you can see how something like this would be very attractive for a chic new website. Again, remembering that the website editor is visual, if you wanted to rearrange the elements in the top toolbar, all you have to do is drag and drop them. The visual editor also makes it easy to add images, change fonts, and so on.

While you can certainly use your own pictures and logos on the site, Wix also has a fairly large library of free stock images that you can use too. This is a great way to get started with a professional, custom design for your website. The included grid hosting and e-commerce support are definite positives too.

Follow their online tutorial to learn the steps you’ll take to create your site on Wix to get started brainstorming how you want your page to look.

Variety of Starter Designs

Even if you get a drag-and-drop interface, it can be extremely challenging to start from scratch. That’s why Wix has hundreds of templates for you to use, ranging from those geared toward computing and technology to those geared toward retail and fashion.

These are just the starter templates, but you can obviously tweak and customize them however you like. The sample page is a good place to get some inspiration, as you get a great sense of what other Wix customers have done with their websites. If you want help, Wix Pro designers are also available for hire.

More Features that Make Things Easy

In addition to the many features that make things easy with Wix, there are also some advanced features that would be hard to do if you did not utilize the Wix platform.

1. Wix Video

This feature is exclusive to the Wix platform and allows you to use advanced features such as adding clickable action cards to your videos that you place on your page via the drag-and-drop functionality.

You can also incorporate your social media buttons or other items that you want to use to complement your video content for maximum results.

2. Wix Bookings

This feature is a perk you don’t find on too many website platforms. It’s a tool designed to let you allow your customers to make appointments using this tool right on your site.

Ordinarily, you would have to pay another application up to $35 a month or more to have this feature added to your site. You might have to code it from scratch, as well or pay a programmer to do this.

Wix saves you both time and money by offering this handy tool that allows you to schedule your customers right on your site with minimal fuss.

3. Wix SEO Wiz

The SEO Wiz is a feature that makes Wix well worth looking into just by itself. That’s because SEO remains an essential part of creating and maintaining a successful website.

Knowing how to use the best SEO keywords that will increase your traffic while increasing your impact on the search engines is paramount.

Wix makes this easier also so that anyone can create highly impactful websites with the required amount of SEO without having to be an SEO genius.

Is It Really Free?

All of the core features from Wix are indeed free. You get access to the browser-based visual editor and you can use the library of templates and stock images. You also get grid hosting, online support, blogging support and more.

However, the free plan does have some limitations. For instance, you cannot use your own personalized domain with the free plan; you only get a Wix subdomain.

In order to use your own domain, you need to upgrade to a premium plan, which starts at about $5 per month. When you do that, you also eliminate the Wix branding from your website.

The good news is that you can give Wix a try for free to see if you like it before signing up for one of these premium plans. If you’re looking for a powerful but easily approachable way to get a custom designed website, Wix is an option worth considering.

Check It Out Yourself

The key to building a great website is to focus on your content first. Think about what you want your site to do for you. Remember that the design is just what people see and it affects how people will be able to utilize your site.

Providing people access to the content is the key and the goal of great design. Ordinarily, you would have to hire a design expert, pay them thousands of dollars for extra coding, or get professional help with every aspect of the design. But Wix allows the everyday user with little knowledge of coding, dynamic or HTML 5 languages, and other aspects to put a page together quickly and easily.

The above are just some of the best features we like about the Wix platform that make site-building easy for anyone. To get a feel for how it can help you build your website, check it out for yourself.

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