5 Useful Pinterest Extensions for Chrome to Extend its Features


Pinterest is a great tool on its own with wonderful features, but you can extend its features even further with the use of one or more Chrome Extensions. For instance, if you want to save time when viewing images on the homepage, you can add a zoom extension so that you don’t have to click on a pinned image in order to enlarge it.

With only 5 extensions, this list is far from “the best” extensions for Pinterest users; however, it does include 5 very useful Chrome extensions that will come in handy for you.

Pinterest Recent Activity Expander

This extension helps to expand the Recent Activity section on Pinterest, by displaying small thumbnails whenever you scroll your mouse over an activity. Now you can see which of your pins were liked and repinned, right from the Recent Activity feed on the Pinterest homepage. Once you install the extension, you can hide the button from Chrome since it’s not needed.

Pinterest Image Expander

This extension will automatically zoom and expand all Pinterest images inline, whenever you scroll your mouse over them. So when you’re browsing the homepage it saves you an extra step because you won’t need to click on an image to enlarge it. Once you install the extension, you can hide the button from Chrome since it’s not needed.

Note: If you’re using using the Hover Zoom extension (or another image zoom extension), you may want to disable or remove it in favor of this extension since you’ll have 2 enlarged images (one on top of the other).

Pinterest Pro

Pinterest Pro has not one, but three useful features:

  • Right click on any image to “Pin to Pinterest”.
  • Hover over images on Pinterest for enlarged view (much like the Pinterest Zoom extension).
  • Click the Pinterest icon on your browser toolbar to see a random list of popular pins.

Easypinner for Pinterest

If you don’t want to right click or click on a bookmarklet to “pin” an image, Easypinner is for you. It adds a Pinterest to most images on the Web, so all you have to do is scroll your mouse over them and click on the Pinterest icon. The icon will then open a small widget displaying a “Pin it” and Facebook “Like” button.

Pin Search | Image Search on Pinterest

This extension adds a “Search” button to all images on Pinterest; you’ll see it whenever you scroll your mouse over an image. Clicking on it will open up a Google “Search by Image” for it. From here you can see more information about the image, find similar images, see all the websites where it appears, find out who originally took the image, and more.

Honorable Mentions

ShotPin – Take a screenshot of any Web page and then share it on Pinterest.

Private Boards for Pinterest Users – Repin from Pinterest to MikeLike private boards.

What is your favorite Pinterest extension for Chrome?

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