Are You a ‘Soon-to-Be Ex-President’? Call The Daily Show’s Legal Hotline

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If the country’s incumbent president happens to read The New York Times, The Washington Post or The Los Angeles Times today, he may come face to face with a personalized ad. Comedy Central’s The Daily Show With Trevor Noah bought a full-page print ad in each of the three papers offering legal services directed at a “soon-to-be ex-president” who may be “about to lose legal immunity.”

In the ad, Trevor Noah & Associates & Sons, comprising writers and correspondents from the award-winning late-night show, advertises defense against emoluments, “shady rich guy tax stuff,” obstruction of justice, false claims regarding the efficacy of bleach injections, “mail murder” and corruption (plus “mega-corruption,” just in case). The firm even makes the bold promise of being able to get its client off without a very specific payment of $130,000.

The legal services are obviously a gag, but the phone number in the ad—1-210-WH-CRIME—is operational. Callers get a prerecorded message from Noah. Per a statement from Comedy Central, the number also has “some fun prompts for you to play around with.”

The ad rolled out on the same day Trump is set to deliver his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination for president.

It isn’t the first time The Late Show has tried to get under the president’s skin with creative executions. In December, The Daily Show placed a full-page ad in The Washington Post Sunday edition congratulating Trump on “finally winning a popular vote (230-197),” a reference to the president’s impeachment.

Last summer, Noah and the team came up with a gift to present to Trump in honor of his 73rd birthday: an ad on Fox News inviting the president to celebrate at the The Daily Show’s award-winning Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library. The pop-up exhibit, which featured curated tweets from Trump’s Twitter account, drew crowds from Washington, D.C., Austin, Texas (at SXSW), Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. Thanks to the stunt, the Comedy Central show was one of the first winners of Adweek’s Experiential Awards.

The ad also comes amid the late-night series ongoing coverage of the political conventions, which began last week. The show’s coverage, titled The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah Presents Votegasm 2020, kicked off last week with “The Democratic National Convention – Electing America’s First Black President’s Friend.” This week’s convention coverage is called “The Republican National Convention – Celebrating February’s Record Economy.”

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