Facebook NPE Team Updates Whale Meme-Creation App


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The Facebook NPE Team released several updates to Whale, the stand-alone meme-creation application it introdued last November.

The new release of the iOS app (U.S. and Canada only) includes private meme groups, support for GIF memes and new templates for top memes.

Facebook NPE Team (the NPE stands for New Product Experimentation) product lead Vasu Srinivasan and product manager Brad Kowalk said in a blog post, “We’re also working with some of your favorite meme creators to supercharge Whale’s creation experience. If you like creating and discovering memes about what’s happening in pop culture, Whale is now the place for you.”

They added that Whale makes it easy for users to create, discover and join groups with relatable content and, with the update, users can create private groups to share inside jokes with friends.

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