Watch: Real Estate Power Hour: Marketing Tips from Real Professionals


Real estate has always been a busy profession. As real estate agents continue to power on and do business during a highly unusual and uncertain year, their role has become more important than ever — and no less busy.

Those who we’ve spoken to from the real estate industry have expressed a need to find and connect with new clients, engage with existing clients, and conduct inspections and property tours, all on top of the added need for virtual tours, and the implementation of new state regulations such as safe social distancing measures. 

So, how can real estate professionals survive — and even thrive —  during a time like this? 

Hear from Real Estate Agents — just like you — in our Real Estate Power Hour

Our focus is on helping small businesses be successful online. That’s why we recently held a Power Hour for Real Estate, bringing together industry professionals with our marketing experts to chat about how they have been able to power on this year.

While we have the marketing expertise to help you get online and find new leads, we recognize that in times like this sometimes there’s nothing more helpful than hearing directly from your peers.

In this recorded panel discussion, you’ll hear how three Constant Contact customers in the real estate industry have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our panel of real-world industry professionals will discuss:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted their business
  • The changes they have made to their online presence 
  • Trends in the real estate industry for 2020
  • Different communicative strategies to maintain relationships with their customers

Meet our panelists

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