What Is the Dumbest Thing that Bloggers Do?


Sheeple. Blogging sheep, following each other. Or blogging lemmings. Following each other over the cliff, to their violent death.

Someone copied and pasted a template email a few moments ago. I appreciate the kindly blogger using my name. But I do not vibe with the rote, word for word nature of the email. Someone said someone enjoyed reading my blog post. Link inserted. Cool. Someone believed a blog post of theirs would make a great addition to the blog post of mine. In laymen’s terms, this is about the most idiotic thing you can do because if 100,000 other bloggers use the same template and same email and same approach, this also means a pro blogger with 10 years of experience like me has seen thousands of these same exact emails over my decade online.

Blogging Sheeple; what do you think happens when someone who has seen a lame approach 2000 times sees the same approach for the 2001st time? Spam-junk that email. Or reply with your rates. But no strong, business-building, emotional bond grows out of mindless emails templates. Lacks the personal touch, that I teach in my networking eBook.

The problem with copying most other bloggers is that most bloggers use failed strategies so your approach is failed and pretty dumb if you follow failing bloggers. Think about it; if you know a good 80% of bloggers struggle, fail and flat out never go pro, why would you follow their blogging strategy? Why follow failure? Does this reek of intelligence?

I have compassion for failing bloggers. I write posts just like this and offer my blogging course to get struggling bloggers on the straight and narrow. But making the same mistake again and again after I offer you the correction via my free and premium content is pretty dumb. I know a certain percentage of blogging sheeple emailing the same, lame, “let me get a free, high DA backlink on your blog” approach template are reading this post now. I also know a certain percentage of you will KEEP emailing the same lame, failing template after I warned you of this mistake and share the solution: build friendships by being generous to gain high DA links organically.

But of course, being aware of the mistake and solution, some of you will do the unintelligent thing of making the same mistake again and again, cold-pitching pro bloggers with this silly template, well into the night. Guys; only you can own your dumb mistakes. I had to own my dumb mistakes to accelerate my blogging success. I had to stop being a blogging sheeple. I also had to build my brand up from a personalized, generous, genuine energy. I did smart things after owning my dumb mistakes.

Rather than being blunt or harsh, me telling you of your dumb mistakes is being compassionate. If I did NOT care about you, I would lie to you. I would tell you to be a blogging sheeple because following the herd promotes your success.

I would lie in saying how emailing lame templates is the best way to influence pro bloggers to place your links on their high DA blogs. But I care about you. I tell you the truth. I tell folks who make dumb mistakes to stop making dumb mistakes so folks can experience fun, freeing blogging success.

But everything is on you.

Look in the blogging mirror. Own foolish errors. Feel the ego sting. Move in a more profitable, prospering blogging direction to live your dreams through your online business.

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