Do You Release What Needs to Go with Your Blog?


Releasing precedes acquiring.

All success you intend to experience multiplies only if you let go what needs to let go. I will give you an example. A few months ago, I built up a big following on Quora. I also asked questions as a member of their Partner Program. Yep; I made some coin through the channel. Good deal. But months back, I felt the strong urge to close out my Quora account entirely. I cannot put my finger on the reason why, other than the fact it did not seem like a way to help me live my dreams. For a while, working Quora felt fun. But it no longer felt fun as of 2-3 months ago.

I shut down my account. Closed it out. 500,000 plus answer views? Gone. Partner Program income? Gone. But I needed to release these things to accelerate my blogging growth. Instantly, aspects of my blogging campaign took off because I released the energetic weight holding me back. I let go to grow. But letting go did not feel comfortable, pleasant or seamless. I feared money loss. Why close out a blogging income stream? Why let go those 500,000 plus answer views? Why? Letting go releases the energetic anchor holding you back from growing your blog.

I felt lighter the moment I closed down my Quora account. Feeling lighter allowed me to be more prolific. Being more prolific grew certain elements of my blogging campaign. Like magic. But it is not really magic. Letting go simply releases old, worn out patterns of thinking, feeling, acting and possessing which holds you back. Releasing these energetic anchors lets you move forward with new, refreshing, freeing thoughts, feelings and actions, yielding new, freeing, fun blogging results.

What do you need to let go right now? Do you resist releasing stuff with your blog? How about that dated design? Do you need to buy a new, current, professional-looking theme? Do you need to release posting your blog to a high volume of Facebook Groups to make room for an intelligent, abundant, effective guest blogging campaign? We always receive nudges to let go. But surrendering through the process of release feels a bit too scary for any blogger to seriously ponder. I still resist releasing, even after observing how releasing became so incredibly beneficial to me over the years.

No one grows by holding on to blogging elements long worn out. My blog looks like a different creature compared to 6 years ago. Why? I evolved. I let go. I got clearer. For a while, my blogging home page consisted of links to my 100 plus eBooks. That look had to go because I needed to release that design to make room for my current, branded, clear blogging design.

All changes the moment you let go but only you decide what needs to go. I nudge you in the right direction. You make the ultimate decision to release worn out ideas, people, circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions or possessions. Quite a list there, right? I know releasing blogging elements feels uncomfortable. Fearing loss of traffic and income, you cling to 5 ads on your sidebar. But less is more. Fewer sidebar ads tends to boost clicks because readers focus on a few calls to action versus being distracted by a high volume of calls pulling their attention in way too many directions.

Build a list of what needs to go today. Be ruthless. Chop down your blog to maintain a clean, clear blog design. Readers appreciate clarity. Readers love release. But you need to figure out what needs to go…..then you need to trash it.

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Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog, eBooks and courses at Blogging From Paradise.