What Do You Put Before Blogging?


What Do You Put Before Blogging?

For some odd reason, most bloggers struggle terribly because this crowd puts virtually EVERYTHING before blogging.

Own it if this is you. Blogging plans dissolve into the ethers. You intended to blog. But no way could you miss your favorite team’s latest game. Something just dropped on Netflix; time to put your blog on ice. You want to blog but feel way too tired to type away on your laptop. The list of excuses grows.

Why do you expect to succeed if you put blogging on the backburner? I drove almost 8 hours today. What did I do when I arrived to my location at 2:30 AM? I tried sleeping. But I felt amped up. Naturally, I wrote a blog post and this guest post.

I put personal development first then blogging second. I put blogging before Netflix, Hulu, gossip and YouTube. I put blogging before most things. How could I ever go pro if I backburnered blogging?

Blogging reflects your commitment to blogging back to you 100% of the time. Putting virtually everything before blogging guarantees your struggle, failure and quitting. Full time employees who blog part time often put everything imaginable before blogging, like their: jobs, nightly TV time, internet streaming time, gossip time, time out with friends, etc, etc, etc. How do you expect to leave your job to become a pro blogger if you prioritize virtually everything before blogging?

Catch yourself before making excuses. Build a vision of your fun, freeing dream life manifesting. Why do I blog on no sleep after driving for 8 hours? I love freedom. I love traveling the world through blogging. Naturally, I put blogging before almost everything save mindset work because pro bloggers who crave freedom do what it takes to be generous, committed, patient and persistent bloggers. I need to do this. Otherwise, I never would have become a professional blogger.

Blogging gives you what you give blogging. Give blogging virtually no effort. Blogging gives you virtually nothing in return. Do not blame blogging. Blame yourself. Life gets tough sometimes. Busy family moms and dads who also work full time feel overwhelmed in moments. But you either put blogging before almost everything else – save job and fam – or you do not.

Maybe you feel exhausted after working a 10-hour day and spending some of the evening with the family. But at 10 PM, you have a choice: set aside 30 minutes to write and publish a blog post or go to bed, watch Netflix or laze in front of the TV. Putting 30 extra minutes of sleep, Netflix and TV before blogging ensures you become a pro sleeper, a pro Netflix watcher and a pro TV watcher. You certainly ain’t becoming a pro blogger down the road by putting these activities before blogging.

No Excuses

I cannot allow you to make excuses, guys. Not my way. I am compassionate. I am honest. I tell the truth. I do not lie when it comes to blogging.

Put blogging before hobbies, TV and streaming. Imagine if you gave your 9-5 job the effort that you give blogging? You’d be fired 1 day into your 9-5 job. Get serious about blogging. Focus on your fun, freeing blogging driver. No blogger is lazy but bloggers do need to get clear on blogging for fun, freedom and fulfillment.

Blogging for fun and freedom dissolves all excuses. Blogging becomes a priority the split second you see yourself circling the globe through blogging or blogging from home, as a pro gig. Nothing beats freedom. I feel grateful to do this blogging gig professionally as I hop back into the travel game.

Stop putting everything before blogging. Make blogging a priority. Blogging gives you what you give to blogging.


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