1 Fascinating Blogging Experiment I Did


Recently, I replied to every email pitching me:

  • guest posts
  • sponsored posts

with this reply:

“My fixed rates are blah blah blah (insert my fixed rates). Please only reply if you will pay my price. I immediately label all bartering-bargaining-budget emails as spam-junk.”

Wouldn’t you know it, a handful of people replied trying to verify the final price, bartering and bargaining. I marked each email as spam in a split second and immediately moved on. Think how a moment of utter mindlessness, ignorance and fear of losing money costs these folks. I clearly advised them to reply ONLY if the individuals would pay my fixed price. Step 1. I followed up my advising how I mark each bartering email as spam-junk. Step 2. But after giving 2 vivid, easy to understand reminders, these outreach specialists could not help themselves LOL 🙂 I marked each email as spam.

Now the next time each of these folks tries to email someone, their email address has one more spam red flag going against it. Picture these bloggers and outreach specialists taking 1 more step to sending all of their emails to spam or junk folders. What happens when 100% of your emails go to spam or junk?

Nothing happens. Literally. Expect to make 0 dollars. Expect to do zero business. Almost no one reads spam because we all know 99.99% of emails in spam are not legit, trusted, credible emails from legit, trusted, credible sources. I took the time to warn people not once, but twice, how:

  • my prices are fixed and completely non-negotiable
  • to only reply to the email if you will pay my prices
  • I label all bartering-bartering replies as spam-junk

Now that I think about it, I gave 3 warnings to these folks. But fear blinds you. Being afraid to lose money or opportunities scares you into ignoring email text, not trusting someone’s advice and not heeding warnings. What happens next? You do something that damages your credibility, hurts your reputation and eats into your blogging income.

Hey; personally, I think these are nice folks. I love ’em. But I need to respect my time and to respect their time by being fully clear with these individuals. This experience is never personal. I do not want to stick it to anyone. But think about it from my perspective: if I give you 3 warnings-advisement and you ignore not 1, or 2, but all 3, and I label your email as spam because you ignored all 3…..um…….whose fault is that? Not mine. I warned you 3 times. That, my friend, is 100% your fault. You chose to ignore 3 warnings. I cannot warn you any more times. I extended a common courtesy in warning you even once. I am a nice guy. But I have my limits in terms of time constraints.

I need to be in and out of email fast to promote my course, eBooks and content through blogging and guest posting. I need to network. I circle the globe. I only have time to work with serious people who can read, process and understand 3 sentences, respecting me enough to trust my words.

Mindlessness is the death-knell of blogging business. Be hyper aware, mindful of and attentive of all blogging interactions.

Pay attention! Read every word of every email. I only email 10-20 or maybe 30 words in 1-3 sentences. If you cannot read 30 words, understand the 30 words and respect my time, how can you ever avoid spam folders and actually succeed online? The mindful, compassionate bloggers of the world rise to the top, being the cream of the crop. Everybody else languishes, fails and quits.

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Ryan Biddulph inspires with his courses, eBooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.