2 Ways to Turn Off Pro Bloggers


I love folks who reach out to me looking for blogging help.

But I need to compassionately block some of these folks from my life for both of us. The issue? Time. I never take things personally. I never make it personal when I ignore bloggers. But since I am busy and only have a set amount of time daily, I need to ignore certain bloggers because they turn me off. How do these bloggers turn me off? Peep these 2 common mistakes. Own making these errors. Correct with my solutions. Befriend pros versus repelling these folks. Accelerate your blogging success.

1: Ask Repeatedly for Free Help

Some bloggers ask me for free help. Sometimes, I cannot help them for free because I am busy doing other stuff. I either ignore the message or let them know; I cannot help them. Or I inform them of my rates and tell them to not reply unless they will pay my rates. Unfortunately, the quickest way to turn me off is to ask for free help after I quote my rates. Do you ask doctors for free services because you complain about having no money-budget? Do not ask me to solve your no budget-money problem by begging me to work for free.

I am an entrepreneur. I run a business. Either pay me or move on. But again, some bloggers fear missing out on my services and repeatedly ask me for free help after I quote my rates. These days, I junk-spam their emails. I appreciate their desperation. I admire their persistence. But messaging or emailing me after I quote my rates disrespects my time and your time. It is over. Either pay me or move on. Never ask pro bloggers for free help more than once, especially if the pro quoted their rates. Guaranteed, you will turn off all pros and tick off more than a few.

2: Not Taking NO Seriously

Unfortunately, some bloggers attach to me and my help from an energy of fear. Attaching to me from fear always leads to bad outcomes guaranteed to turn me off. I tell bloggers no.

But some bloggers do not take my NO seriously. Again; this shows a complete disrespect for my time and your time. Making matters worse, I sometimes help these folks in some way – with a retweet and/or Facebook Share – before I tell the individuals NO, to their ask. I go out of my way to be nice, generous and compassionate. But being desperate clouds blogger minds, and desperate people do repelling things.

Pro bloggers owe you NOTHING. Every pro generously does you a favor by helping you for free or pay. You better understand this fact; pros paid their dues, maintain incredibly busy schedules, and you need to be grateful, humbled and blessed to grab their attention. I was always 100% grateful and appreciative that any pro even read my email, let alone helped me out, as I was sharking my way up as a newbie blogger. If a pro told me NO, I respected their response-reply, thanked them for their time and moved on.

Be grateful, not greedy. Thank a pro who helps you. Listen to when a pro turns down a request. Never reply other than thanking them because the split second you beg-barter-bargain or ask again, you turn off all pro bloggers and drop off of their radar.

I love you guys. I want you to see things from my perspective. Pay for my services and products. Trust me when I say NO. Respect me and my time and I will respect you and your time. Versus me ignoring your emails or messages, our bond can grow and we can help each other to prosper online…..but only if you do not turn me off.


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