Does Twitter Gobble Up Your Blogging Time?


I have a love-hate bond with Twitter. I appreciate engaging people on the platform. In truth, I dig it. But Twitter becomes a bit of a time suck sometimes. I realize chatting people up on the network leads to increasing blogging success. Engaging builds bonds. Twitter buddies help each other to succeed. But Twitter also eats up precious blogging time. Imagine spending 4-6 hours daily engaging people on Twitter. All well and good. But spending that time on Twitter guarantees you do not spend 4-6 hours on your blog, building your owned, online real estate.

Like everything online, always spend most of your time creating and connecting on real estate you actually own. Or, on real estate owned by your blogging buddies. I try to maintain an abundant mindset. Creating on Twitter benefits everyone who uses the platform. But the people who own Twitter make the most money through the platform. Guess who creates all the content that makes the Twitter owners a fortune? You. Certainly not the owners. Owners own. Owners create a concept, in essence. Then, after owners may or may not do some creating and connecting, people join the community and do all the creating and connecting that builds value on the platform. As the perceived value increases, so does the net worth of individuals who own the platform.

Do you get a cut of those tens of millions of dollars? Nope. Perhaps you earn a sweet little cut through the creating and connecting you do. Cool. But for the most part, spending hours daily creating and connecting through a platform you do not own is NOT how owners do it. Owners spend most time creating and connecting on sites owners own. Or, owners build up their owned online real estate to the point where users join, create, connect and boost the perceived value of the blog. Either way, owners spend most energy and time on sites owners own.

Owners do not spend much time and energy on sites not owned by the owner. Guaranteed, Mark Z does not spend hours daily creating and connecting on Twitter. He does not get distracted from his major purpose of allowing Facebook to grow at its breakneck pace. Bloggers need to follow his lead. Spend most of your time and energy on your self-hosted, WordPress blog and on self-hosted, WordPress blogs run by your blogging buddies. Publish posts on your blog. Publish comments and guest posts on blogging buddies’ blogs. Create on real estate that you own to think like an owner. Successful bloggers build their blogs into something special by spending most time and energy on their blogs and on the blogs of their buddies. Successful bloggers do not spend most of their time and energy building up Facebook for Mark Z or Twitter for Jack Dorsey.

Don’t get me wrong. I feel grateful to Mark and Jack for offering me these rocking platforms. I use a little bit of my time-energy engaging on Facebook and Twitter daily. But I have no interest growing THEIR platform aggressively when I spend most of my time and energy growing Blogging From Paradise aggressively. I own Blogging From Paradise. I set the rules over there. Being an owner demands that I spend most time-energy growing what I own.

You do not own Twitter. Spend a little time over there. You do own your blog. Spend most time over there. Create and connect on owned real estate. Comment and guest post on self-hosted blogs owned by your buddies. Build your blogs up together. Perhaps someone sits on the next big blog. Who knows? At the very least, your blogging success accelerates quickly if you spend most time and energy on your blog.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.


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