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I enjoy getting traffic or profits like the next guy. But obsessing over getting kills your blogging campaign. Being getting focused cuts the legs out from your blogging business because people see through you and your clingy, manipulative ways.

Hey; we all deserve to make chedda. I get it. I applaud anyone who monetizes their blog freely. But focusing too heavily on monetizing by adding oodles of getting elements to your blog turns most people off.

For example, posting 3, 4 or 5 different forms of interruption marketing to your blog turns off virtually all readers. Why? Doing so usually indicates desperation, save the most extremely clear cases. Any one who posts a pop up form, slider form, bottom ad, top ad and sidebar opt in form almost always fears not getting enough through their blogs. Bad look.

I sometimes see these blogs but generally close things out before reading a word. I want to read a blog; not sprint through a maze, obstacle course of haunted house of blogging horrors.

Think about the blogging experience. Someone clicks on a link based on the title-promise. On visiting the blog, readers want to see the title-promise and read the blog post itself (said post being the promise aligned with the title) to get the solution they want to get, pronto. Any time you add one pop up form, you interrupt the process of delivering on your promise.

People generally tolerate one pop up form. But adding more forms of interruption, like sliders, obnoxious ads and over-sized sidebar opt-in forms, adds lay after layer of distraction-roadblocks between the promise you made and the promise you delivered.

Guess how many people stick around after the 1st interruption? A few. Guess how many readers stick around after the second interruption? Virtually none. Guess how much traffic and money you make through a blog ticking off virtually all readers? Zero and zero. But it makes perfect sense. Anyone hellbent on GETTING stuff from readers never does the GIVING necessary to succeed online.

Check out my blog:

Blogging From Paradise

Notice how you see content, a sidebar ad for my eBooks and virtually nothing else. I place no barriers to content. I place no roadblocks in front of you. Page through my blog. Read. Enjoy. Buy some eBooks – like this one – read and enjoy. Ditto for my courses.

I put nothing in the way of you GETTING what you want because I am not trying to GET anything from you on your initial visit. Hey; every blogger seems entitled to using pop up forms. No worries. But please use a single form. Either readers sub, or not. No big deal.

Never use multiple pop ups because desperation repels readers. Let people go and enjoy your content. Never make readers jump through hoops to enjoy your content and to benefit from your content.

Focus heavily on generously helping people – or giving – to allow the getting to take care of itself. Develop posture. Give freely, trust yourself, trust in the blogging process and the getting of money and traffic becomes easier and easier. Such is the life of giving-focused bloggers.

Be generous to increase your skills, exposure and credibility. All your exposure, skills and cred allows you to make money blogging without desperately trying to manipulate folks through multiple pop ups, ads and all that other junk.

We get it. If we wish to join your list, we will use the sidebar form guys. Relax 🙂

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Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog and eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.