Why Does Fear Totally Destroy Your Blogging Campaign?


I scanned my emails a few moments ago.

A few kind, nice, friendly but unclear people vibing fear made 2 common errors.

Fear destroys your blogging campaign because you cannot see truth, reality or common sense if your mind vibes mainly fear.

Check out the common errors:

  • one blogger wished to place a sponsored post for men’s gifts on 2 different blogging tips blogs
  • one blogger wanted to place a post advertising a specific casino business as a guest – not a sponsored – post

Fear deludes you. Think of it this way; if you wanted to advertise men’s gifts, would you walk inside of a deli serving breakfast goods and ask to place an ad in the store? Everybody walking into the store wants breakfast food. Nobody wants men’s gifts. People who want men’s gifts walk inside of a store selling men’s gifts.

But fear makes you believe people who want a bagel also want men’s gloves. Do you see how common sense vanishes the moment you let fear call the shots in your mind? Fear makes you waste time. Fear makes you see what ain’t there. Fear kills blogging relationships. Fear moves you down the energetic ladder.

Consider this; you offer to create a free, valuable guest post for someone, dripping with helpful, practical tips. But fear clouds your mind; you write and publish a post stressing the benefits of a specific business, turning the guest post into a running, advertisement, a sponsored post. Why? You feared paying the higher sponsored post rate and wanted the cheaper guest post rate.

Again, fear makes you delude yourself from reality. The downside is fear makes you less desirable to folks who want to do business with you. Not a good thing. Lessening business partnerships eats into your blogging income. Plus, you will not be seen as a serious business person if you make silly, unclear mistakes because of your fear.

The Solution

Face, feel and release your fears to:

  • see clearly
  • be fair
  • be honest
  • do business with prospering bloggers

I appreciate the 2 folks who reached out to me above. I believe each is a cool blogger. Going forward, I believe each spotted their fear-mistake and we will continue doing business with each other. But to other bloggers weighed down by fear, you better face, feel and release fear to see clearly.

Consider following a daily mindset training ritual. I spend hours managing my energy through walking, meditating and doing yoga, to face, feel and release fears, in order to see and blog mainly from love, generosity, abundance and clarity.

I genuinely appreciate each human being who reaches out to me. I intend to share specific emails to give bloggers vivid examples of how they may be destroying their blogging business campaign. Not all pro bloggers are as patient, generous and relaxed as me, though.

Heck; even I label email as spam or junk if someone replies trying to barter or bargain fixed prices because I have no extra time for fear. I am busy. I never take emails personally but have zero time and energy to spend on folks who do not take time to read, process and fully understand my emails.

I let a few folks know today; I offer a fixed sponsored post rate, so please do not reply if you do not have the money to pay my rates, or, reply only when you have the budget to pay my rates.

Guess what happens if someone replies with a free post or price reduction request? I immediately label their email as spam or junk because fear scared them to totally ignore my email, to not honor my request and to waste my time. Nothing personal, just business 🙂


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