Why Guest Posting on Multiple Blogs Makes Sense


Spread your blogging knowledge. Help people across multiple blogs. Be generous, but detached from any one blog. Guest posting on a high volume of blogs makes the most sense.

I guest post on 3-5 blogs most days. I reach 3-5 different audiences most days. Even though I hit up the same 10-15 blogs from time to time, reaching 10-15 different audiences detaches me from any one blog. Detachment is a good thing.

Being detached makes you more generous. Being more generous allows you to help more people. Helping more people accelerates your blogging success.

Do not hold back. Do not get attached to any one blog. Attaching to one blog blinds you from the wealth of opportunities sitting before your eyes. Imagine me being heavily attached to Blogging Tips Dot Com. I only publish posts here, imagine. Picture how much traffic I leave on the table by guest posting solely on this blog?

I appreciate this opportunity deeply. But the world is a candy shop, offering all types of flavors, niches and communities to serve, too. I tap into abundance by acting abundantly. Does that make sense? Opportunities surround me. But I only capitalize by seizing and using opportunities freely.

Guest post on a high volume of blogs. Seize and use opportunities left and right. Build bonds with top bloggers. Help these folks in any way possible. Ask for nothing in return. Earn their trust. Earn their friendship. Polish your writing skills. Guest post invites flow your way.

Gobble up invites to guest post on respected blogs. Be about that abundance, folks. Spread your knowledge across a high volume of blogs to reach deeper into your blogging niche.

Become a repeat guest poster too; build strong bonds with communities. But never return to the same 1 or 2 blogs every single day. We live in abundance. Capitalize on that concept. Help multiple audiences daily. This is one secret to being everywhere in your blogging niche.

Never get comfortable; get out of a guest posting rut. Edge out into new opportunities for guest posting routinely. I like to ask bloggers, who needs a guest post? Here and there, at least. Folks take me up on my offer. ‘

This is how I landed an awesome guest posting gig on Mudassir’s Blogging Explained. He generously invited me to guest post after I reached out to folks, offering my guest posting gig.  294 guest posts on Blogging Explained later, here I am, serving his awesome audience nearly 300 times.

See what I mean? Build bonds by returning to the same audiences but make it 10 to 15 or 20 audiences. Versus 1. Or perhaps you prefer to guest post 2 or 3 times on hundreds of blogs. I guest posted on hundreds and hundreds of blogs but only return to the same 10-15 routinely.

Be abundant. Help people across a wide range of channels. Detach from any one blog. If some blog goes down for maintenance work, guest post on another blog. If your blog needs work, guest post. Keep those guest posts coming through a wide channel of blogs to tap into abundance.

Bloggers crave good content from trusted bloggers. Make it a point to befriend these folks through your generosity. Retweet bloggers. Facebook Share bloggers. Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote bloggers on your blog.

Do you see how I promoted myself and Mudassir above? We both win. Simple, powerful, co-creating partnerships do wonders for your blogging campaign, as far as traffic, profits and guest posting invites flowing your way freely.

Be of service. Bloggers generously invite generous, skilled bloggers to guest post on their blogs. Shovel up these opportunities across a wide range of blogs to increase your exposure.

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Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog and eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.