How to Get Pro Blogger Testimonials the Right Way


Build your skills guys. Build friendships guys. This is how to get pro blogger testimonials.

Bloggers sometimes ask me to endorse them with a glowing testimonial. But most of these bloggers are strangers to me. I have no idea who they are. I have no idea if they know how to blog properly. I have no idea if they have any blogging skills. I do not know them. I do not trust them because I do not know them.

Why would I endorse a stranger who I do not know or trust? Forget about my reputation being on the line; I have no idea why I would endorse them? Do you see why pitching a professional blogger as an utter stranger makes for an ineffective testimonial approach?

Build your skills up. Practice writing. Publish helpful content regularly. Give pro bloggers a reason to endorse you. Professionals do not hand out endorsements like candy to babies. You need to really earn it by putting in thousands of hours to become a highly skilled, endorsable blogger. No pro endorses an unskilled blogger because being genuine is an important part of being a professional. But developing your skills is only one part of the testimonial equation.

Build friendships with professional bloggers. How do you do that? Help these folks without asking for anything in return. This is how you catch their attention. Prove that you’re interested in helping them, not in squeezing a testimonial out of them. Skilled bloggers who buy my ebooks, promote my posts and comment on my guest posts grab my attention span. I appreciate these bloggers. We become friends.

As I observe my blogging buddies, I know who has been practicing by their increasing blogging skill set. What happens next? I either endorse the person organically or I take them up on their ask. A good blogging buddy with skills will always get my testimonial. If they ask, I write the endorsement for them because I trust their skills and I trust our friendship.

Point blank guys; you need to really work for many thousands of hours and be super generous to get professional blogger testimonials because you need to prove that you’re worth the testimonial. Serious professional bloggers work for years to succeed. Serious professional bloggers help people generously for thousands of hours to succeed.

Top professional bloggers patiently served pros for a long time during their amateur days to become friends with these blogging big dogs. Now you have to do the same thing if you want a professional to write a testimonial for you.

Never pitch a professional blogger as a stranger because pros delete these emails. Pros receive hundreds to thousands of emails from strangers. Why would you endorse a stranger if thousands of strangers send you emails pitching you? Did you ever put yourself in a professional blogger’s shoes?

Build a relationship with a pro by helping them out for a while. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Allow your friendship to grow strong. But you better practice your writing and creating skills too, because being a friend does not entitle you to an endorsement. You better be a skilled blogger or else you cannot earn the endorsement of a serious professional. Words are strong. Trust is the currency that builds a professional blogging career.

I only endorse skilled bloggers who befriend me through generosity. I ignore everyone else because I do not trust anyone else. I need to know you and I need to know that you are a highly skilled blogger who does things the right way. But if you earn the right to my endorsement, I will happily give you a testimonial. Everything depends on trust.


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