What Do You Really Blog for?


Do you blog for a few extra bucks?

Obstacles will stop you cold. Any blogging obstacle – or life obstacle – stops someone blogging for little because we easily give up on some venture you value little. The less you care, the more quickly and easily you surrender at the first hint of resistance. Blogging to pay the bills is no prize either. Blogging to cover bills ensures you quit for most obstacles.

Expect to blog just enough to make money for covering bills. Expect nothing more. But blogging for fun, freeing, spectacular dream drivers inspires you to face, feel and solve all obstacles on the way to living your dream. Visionaries simply do not give up. Visionaries face fears fueling all manner of obstacles.

Some deem me lucky. I just faced many obstacles fueled by strong fears over the years. Why? I wished to be free to circle the globe more than I feared facing obstacles. I made that decision by visualizing my dream life, feeling the image to be true. Ditto for you; if you choose to visualize your dream life in detail, too. Everything is on you.

Blogging for a few bucks – or to cover survival needs – never works for a long term, sustainable, every-growing solution. Being the person who blogs mainly to survive guarantees you quit before facing all obstacles on the path to greater blogging income.

Feeling comfortable because you paid bills this month flashes a huge red flag. Being comfortable influences you to relax, put up your feet and cease blogging the moment you cover bills, at least until next month. Low expectations bring low energy actions bring low energy results.

Why not dream big dreams? Life feels fun, freeing, fulfilling and scary sometimes – necessary occurrence – for dreamers. Dreaming inspires you to blog late into the evening. Dreaming inspires you to blog early in the morning. Dreaming inspires you to ride out fears – without panicking – during tender, new blogger months when income = zero while you generously learn, practice create and connect.

I honestly can say blogging is a journey of emotional intelligence more than anything else.

Every successful blogging strategy is simple. All blogging strategies are easy to understand. But most bloggers struggle because most fear doing simple, freeing, sometimes highly uncomfortable aka scary things long feared. I care not how simple something feels; if doing the simple things scares you more than you want to free yourself, you avoid doing it, struggle and fail. Any human being can read a post and publish a genuine blog comment.

Simple. Few do because fears concerning blog commenting scare most bloggers into avoiding the bond-building activity. Develop your emotional intelligence. Sit with fears. Do simple things from generous energies, persistently. Position yourself to succeed.

One only does simple but sometimes uncomfortable things by choosing fun, freeing drivers. Imagine feeling terrified to write and self-publish your first eBook. Visualizing yourself daily sitting on the beaches of Fiji influences you to write and self-publish the eBook despite the terrors of:

  • wasting your time
  • being criticized
  • nobody buying your eBook
  • feeling confused and/or intimidated by the process

The eBook via the above link lays out how to create an eBook. Bloggers fear self-publishing for intimidation issues regarding formatting, writing and the like. Fear rears its ugly head once again. But visionaries who dream fun, freeing dreams:

  • buy the eBook
  • read the eBook
  • take notes
  • study the notes
  • put the notes into action
  • create and publish a successful eBook down the road, fueling business growth

Visualizing your fun, freeing dream life gets you past your fears versus taking a fear-detour into struggle, failure and quitting.

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Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog and eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.