Pro Blogging Tip: What Are You Willing to Do for Money or Customer Satisfaction?


A few moments ago, I found myself considering the improper decision for both money and customer satisfaction.

I made a mistake. I pondered correcting the error. But on further review, the best solution for my peace of mind and blogging integrity was to admit my mistake and move on without correcting it. Life is not perfect. People make mistakes. I make mistakes.

The easiest way to correct some mistakes is to NOT correct some mistakes. Does that make sense? Be at peace with doing the right thing for you before you factor in money and/or customer satisfaction. Does money need to live with your foolish correction? Does the customer have to live with your foolish correction?

No and no. Never do something to earn one transaction or to make one person happy. First, assess your peace of mind with the error. Proceed to assess the time-energy investment of the correction. Observe if the correction damages your long term integrity.

My deal……I made a blogging boo boo recently. Given circumstances, my only correction would be to delete an old blog post in order to publish a new, accurate version of the post.

Upside: one payment and one happy customer. Downside: broken link, no single payment, one unhappy customer and a predominant feeling of selling out for 1 business transaction and 1 human being. Hmmm….everything became crystal clear. I apologized for making the mistake. I moved on.

Correcting the error felt bad because going the correction route damages a link, screws up a blog backlink profile, affects the blog brand negatively, and makes me feel bad, all because I desired one payment and positive praise from one customer.

Being hyper aware of my motives helped me make the right decision for long term blogging growth. More potential business flowed to my inbox after not correcting this situation but simply apologizing and moving on. I also received payment for another job.

What if the client speaks badly of me? One person’s perception of me has everything to do with them and nothing to do with me because we see the world as we see ourselves. I accept myself. That helps me be free of client, customer, reader and flat out human being views of me. I forgive myself freely. I forgive everyone freely and move on.

Focus on the energetic gain of each business transaction. What feelings do you gain by agreeing to business? Peace of mind? Headaches? Only you decide what to take on and what to release. Think about the big picture, not small blogging potatoes.

Do you want to make 1 customer happy for 1 job to get 1 paycheck if the correction feels bad, effects long term business growth, brand integrity and your posture, on a smaller scale? Nope. Do the right thing for everybody possible. Don’t just do the right thing for you and 1 other human being.

Never do something only to make a customer happy because unhappy customers are unhappy because of their sadness and expectations, not because of your business products and services.

No one makes anybody do anything because everyone controls their own thoughts. No one can control your thoughts. I blog and do business honestly; readers, customers and clients can take it or leave it. I correct honest business errors only if it benefits the whole for the long haul versus trying to make 1 person happy for 1 payment.

Build a vision. See beyond today to cultivate your peace of mind, to know when to correct an honest error or to move forward with a simple apology, and to accelerate your long term blogging success.


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