Why Remove Timelines from Your Blogging Goals?


I sit down to write this guest post.

No timelines involved. I just write to help. Adding timelines makes you rush things. Rushing things affects work quality. No or low quality work nabs few eyeballs. Do you blog only for self or for self and readers? I believe the latter option works best. Or you publish a cyber diary. Readers buy your stuff, hire you and promote you.

But holding a generous, chill vibe is paramount to blog the right way.

I do not choose to blog with timelines or deadlines in mind. Largely, at least. Add timelines. Be rigid. See how this strategy constricts your creativity, hurts work quality and recruits mindless blogging actions?

I scanned Quora questions minutes ago. Someone wished to know how to get thousands of visitors in months. Imagine if the blogger set the time-based goal. Instead of energetically being the blogger required to be:

  • generous
  • patient
  • persistent
  • calm
  • trusting
  • relaxed
  • knowing

timelines dominate your mind. Numbers dominate your mind. 5000 visitors. 4 months. Or something like that. Focused on numbers, you blog:

  • stingy
  • impatiently
  • lacking persistence
  • chaotically
  • not trusting
  • tense
  • doubting

because no one with clear time frames in mind genuinely enters into the spirit of being a present, generous, relaxed, trusting blogger. Numbers aka outcomes pollute your mind. Don’t get me wrong. Set any goal you want. Set any time frame you want. I simply share my experiences from 10 blogging years. I also share my observations of failing bloggers over 10 blogging years. Sharing my observations reveals how timelines restrict you. Pressure builds. Rushing ensues. Realistic goals usually exit stage left too. Plus….who cares?

Do numbers keep you awake at night? Or do trips to Fiji keep you awake at night? Do traffic metrics make you feel alive? Or does working at home to watch your kids grow up make you feel alive? Humans crave experiences over numbers. Plus focusing on freeing experiences allows the numbers – traffic and profits – to manifest. But only if you set time frames to the side to focus on the process, not outcomes.

Relax. I spend hours daily doing yoga. I wrapped up another mini session moments ago. I do yoga to be calm, confident, clear and kinda detached about the blogging process. Maintaining this vibe-intent helps me see the journey through. Be persistent, patient, generous and trusting. Chill out. Remove timelines, like me, to make goals more pure, worthy and enjoyable to achieve.

I do intents. Not goals. Goals cloud mind because you reach for something you have not. Noting what you have not gives your attention and energy to what you have not. Fear ensues. Never blog from a heavy energy of fear. How you vibe is how you live. But facing, feeling and releasing fear removes heavy attachments and conditions. Time-based drivers dissolve.

I stabilize my energy by not needing to do anything or hit some goal in a set period of time. Why rush forward with some time-based agenda when you can slow down, calm down and blog the right way? I intend to save time like any blogger but give little attention and energy to constricting ideas like time. Why add constraints, tension and stress to the blogging process?

Good things take ample time and generous service. Be with the process. Let go time frames. I publish a decent chunk of content not because I try to reach goals in set time frames but because I focus on helping people. Different intent. One is relaxed service, the other is about trying to get as much stuff done as possible before some time to satiate my goal-cravings. No thank you.

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