What Prevents You from Helping People Freely?


All blogging struggles begin the moment you hold back. Holding back damages your blogging campaign because if you give little you get little. Perfect mirror effect going on here. Give freely. Receive easily. Make money online seamlessly.  But before giving freely, most people assess, face and release limiting beliefs dripping in fear. What prevents you from giving freely?

Do you fear wasting your time? Do you fear wasting your money? Do you fear being criticized? All types of strong fears assail even stout, strong blogging minds. Plus you may succeed nicely but feel urges to pull back on being generous because you already got paid. Never retreat into comfort.

Comfort is not good. Comfort is OK for a few moments. But being comfortable for a period of time suggests you do not grow. Nobody feels truly happy save helping people freely. Be of service. Life feels amazing. Blogging success follows. But all begins with honest assessments of why you hold back.

Start with your current blogging campaign. How do you blog now? What clear blogging strategies do you follow daily? Be honest. Being honest makes the blogging difference between success and failure. Being honest also positions you to feel good about your blogging journey. Nothing feels worse than lying to self because lying to self creates divergence in your being. One part feels clear but the other part feels unclear. One part feels good about helping people but another part feels bad about holding back.

Being honest helps you see yourself clearly in the mirror. The light of truth washes over you. Checking ego stings but the feeling seems fleeting. Freedom, peace of mind and greater service follow.

The challenge? Be straight with how you hold back. Be honest about being stingy. Pay strict attention to why you hold back. What stops you? Old programming stops you. Parents tell kids to take care of A1. Parents tell kids to mainly do things to pay the bills.

This goes directly against the successful blogging concept of helping people freely because no one pays you directly for blogging work performed to build a strong foundation for your blogging campaign. Go up against limiting beliefs. Even if it feels terrible, face fears, release and move forward from a more generous, detached energy.

Slowly, patiently and honestly address all false ideas parents, friends and society impressed on you. Be chill; this process may take a while. Humans pass fear onto other humans as easily as handing candy to a baby. Being stingy is learned behavior. Little kids learn being generous is caring because sharing is caring. But adults often reverse the idea, instilling distrust into you, influencing you to hold back. Holding back leads to struggles. Letting go to serve leads to astounding success long term.

Can’t you just feel success on the way? Be with your fears, sit with these energies, clear stingy drivers and get busy generously helping people. Blogging improves for generous bloggers because giving freely boosts traffic, profits and business. Why? Skills, exposure and credibility grows as you create:

  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • videos
  • podcasts

Plus, promoting fellow bloggers builds your friend network. Connected bloggers prosper mightily as their network promotes, endorses and hires them regularly, let alone buying their stuff freely, too.


Being generous requires a 100% commitment to your blog and business. My friend and successful blogger Alonzo Pichardo chatted about this with me during one of his podcast episodes. Listen to it here:


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