How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2020


Are you looking for the right way to start a WordPress blog?

We know starting a blogging journey can be very excited and terrifying both at the same time, specially when you are not a tech-savvy person. But, be confident about yourself and know that there are many people like you who are ready to step out of their comfort zone by starting a WordPress blog. We always mention how to make your blogging journey better, but if you are new and don’t know how to even get started, then don’t worry we are here for you. In this guide on how to start a WordPress blog, we have used less technical words so that anyone can easily understand.

Starting a WordPress blog is very easy and you don’t need any specific technical skill. Most of the people learn about WordPress while working on their blog itself.

First of all, let’s see WordPress blog prerequisite :

1) A Domain Name

2) A Web Hosting Account

3) Time To Get Started

Watch this video to understand the difference between domain name and web hosting –

If you want to save the time, then reach out any trusted web hosting team, and they will install WordPress for you without any penny.

1) Register a Domain

The domain is the name of your website, that is used by people to identify your brand on the internet. Examples of domain name are,,,, etc. The website without a domain name will display IP address as its name, which is difficult to understand. So, it is necessary to come up with simple, and easy to understand domain name for your website. To register any domain name, visit MilesWeb hosting’s domain page, and check if that domain name is available. Try to use extensions like .com, .org, etc as per the profession of or location of the website (or business).

Once, you find your favorite domain, register it immediately before anyone else buys it.

This video will help you understand about domain names –

2) Web Hosting Account

For a WordPress blog, you need to buy WordPress hosting only. WordPress is the largest and widely used Content Management System, that allows users to create, manage, and optimize WordPress site easily. It provides a wide range of free themes, plugins, and other features to run a site successfully.

Many people tend to go for the free WordPress hosting, from, which is also known as self-hosted WordPress. But, the free WordPress hosting comes with very limited features, and the maintenance needs to be done by the user itself. So, if you are not well versed with WordPress technical aspects, then don’t ever choose the free WordPress hosting.

Domain Name and WordPress Hosting

You can go for any one from two types of WordPress hostings namely :

1) Shared WordPress Hosting

2) WordPress Cloud Hosting

Both promises to launch your WordPress site in minutes.

Let’s see the difference between them :

Shared WordPress Hosting –

The shared WordPress hosting plan are cheaper than other hosting plans. In the cut-throat competition among hosting providers, some companies have still managed to provide the best hosting in India at very minimal price and with full of resources.

The Heart and Diamond plans under cheap WordPress hosting offer a free domain name. So, if you haven’t registered a domain yet, then this could be the best deal for you, where you get two services at the price of one. Just buy any hosting plan from these two and get a domain free, isn’t it a valuable deal?

What does the WordPress host offer?

(i) Fully managed WordPress –

The MilesWeb team takes care of the heavy lifting server management task so that you can get started within minutes. The highly skilled technical team handles all the technical stuff, WordPress updates, server optimization, tweaking PHP versions, and monitoring.

(ii) Free WordPress Migration –

If you are not satisfied with your current WordPress hosting provider, then feel free to contact support team of web hosting providers at any point in time. The team is available around the clock to execute the website migration task at your preferred time and convenience. All the website data is migrated carefully for free, without any data loss or data threatening attempt.

(iii) High Performance –

The managed WordPress hosting plans guarantees high performance and faster page loading speed. These plans are set up on the latest Intel Xeon processors with SSD storage and hardware RAID 10.

The exclusive shared WordPress hosting features are :

  • Cloudflare Railgun
  • HTTPS By Default
  • GZIP/Brotli Compression
  • SFTP Access
  • WP-CLI
  • Dedicated WordPress Support
  • Daily Backups
  • CDN
  • Cloning
  • Server-side Optimizations

WordPress Cloud Hosting

The WordPress cloud hosting offers LiteSpeed Web Server + LSCache to enhance the WordPress site/blog performance. LSCache caters to the high load and sudden traffic spikes on the site. The LiteSpeed Web Server has an inbuilt LSCache that offers acceleration solutions and optimization of plugins.

Importance of LiteSpeed + LSCache are :

(i) Provides Server-level Full Page Cache – it is an ability to cache multiple versions of content that gets generated based on user-agent, geography, currency, etc.

(ii) Supports Content Delivery Network – Using Cloudflare as a CDN eliminated the need for any plugin for your static content on WordPress site.

(iii) Provides Private Cache – The restricted content on user-specific pages can also be cached.

(iv) Crawler – continuous crawling is provided to refresh pages with the expired cache.

(v) CSS, JavaScript, or HTML Minification – LSCache uses CSS, JavaScript, or HTML code to reduce the size of source code and also removes all unnecessary whitespace characters, the newline character, and comments.

(vi) Browser Cache Support – LSCache eliminates the need for any type of browser cache plugin and offers a simple setup without disturbing configuration files. Additionally, it can edit the .htaccess for you.

(vii) Lazy Load Images – LSCache delivers only the media that is necessary to fill the current viewpoint. Mobile users also get alert messages on bandwidth usage.

(viii) Image and Database Optimization – LSCache takes the responsibility of reducing the size of images on your website that helps in improving the website load time. It also makes WordPress data slim, trim, and efficient.

So, after selecting any one of these plans, MilesWeb takes the responsibility of configuration and optimization of WordPress on your account. Once WordPress gets activated, you can freely use this tool as you want.

First of all, to create a WordPress blog, open WordPress and on the dashboard go to Appearance and click on Themes.

Then click on Add New button.

Now, you will get options to select the theme. By click on Preview, you can have the look and feel of the theme.

Choose the one that best suits your requirements.

After selecting the theme, start writing your blog.

Mention title in the given space.

Below it, write down your blog.

You can see, that WordPress allows you to embed media files like images, videos, Gifs to your blog.

Before publishing, click on Preview and check if the blog looks exactly as you wanted. If everything’s perfect, then click on Publish.

This way, your blog will get visible on the internet.

If you have any doubt or want to know more than feel free to contact good web hosting company like MilesWeb support team at any point of time.