What Most Bloggers Never Understand


I spent time in the Middle East. 3 months, actually.

My wife and I spent 1 month in Qatar and 2 months in Oman. Magical places. Visiting the souq, or market place, proved to be a special experience. I observed merchants haggling over spices, poultry, rugs and all manner of goods. If you want to see an entertaining, enlightening drama in action, watch bartering in a Middle Eastern Souq.

Nothing like it. But most bloggers never understand how becoming a professional blogger is NOT like haggling, bartering and bargaining at a Middle Eastern Souq. Pro blogging is about setting fixed prices, and either paying or moving on.

I scanned my email a few moments ago. Most bloggers who received my fixed price for sponsored and guest posts replied with:

“I have no money to pay your rate. Can I get a free post?”

A few complained about not having a big budget. Bartering ensued. Someone wanted a half-off discount. Others wanted a slightly cheaper price.

Imagine if I began the bartering process as if I saw in a Middle Eastern Souq. Going back and forth, haggling, and bargaining, all seems perfect inside of a market in Doha or Nizwa, but none of it seems natural for a serious, professional blogger.

I did barter in the past. But bartering wasted hours of my precious time over months because I needed to spend those hours writing guest posts like these, not bartering with bloggers who had little or no money. Unfortunately, most bloggers never realize how bartering with a pro wastes your time because professional bloggers possess 2 powerful qualities: posture and leverage.


I have posture. I am confident. Pay my price or move on. All pros have posture because one goes pro only being armed with posture, confidence and clarity. Pros know success flows to them. Either pay fixed prices or exit stage left because a full-price paying client awaits around the corner. That’s how you go pro; be clear. Never barter with a pro. Either pay their price or move on.


Anytime someone attempts to barter with me, these bloggers do not understand:

  • thousands of bloggers pitch me just like them, flowing to me on a seeming conveyor belt
  • you pitched me; I did not pitch you
  • I am in the position to accept or reject your offer

Leveraging ties deeply into posture. I honed my skills over years, generously working to increase my exposure and credibility to the point where bloggers pitch me opportunities. I never pitch anyone business ventures.

I have not pitched anyone some business venture or business idea or any opportunity once during my 10 years online, save pitching 2 people guest posting opportunities. Even then, one pitch was experimental, to a well known blogging tips blogger, and the other pitch found a 2 million member community on Facebook, via the blog.

Reach out to pro bloggers with an open heart and open wallet. Pay up to play up. Be ready to invest money in opportunities for growth, advancement and progress. Never barter. I mean that. Forget about bargaining or bartering like you are haggling in a Souq in the Middle East.

Haggling works perfectly in those environments because business gets done in such fashion there. Haggling does not work at all with pro bloggers. Pros delete emails, ignore emails, or junk/spam haggling emails. Pros have no time for tire kickers. Pros deal with free spending, serious bloggers who pay generous rates to access the sweet benefits of placing posts on top blogs.


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