Do You Need to Trade Arrogance for Humility?


I love checking myself from time to time.

Being busy as heck generously serving people, arrogance has largely dissolved from my being. I am a guy who got kinda good at striking keys with my fingers. Or something like that. I do have confidence and clarity in my blogging skills.

But I am not deluded enough to be arrogant. Of course, some bloggers not quite as emotionally intelligently need to trade their arrogance for humility. Or said folks never move higher in blogging circles, to succeed.

Some bloggers pitch me their valued guest posting opportunity. Bloggers promise to send me a detailed, free post. But 99% of these bloggers are strangers. I know nothing of them. I do not trust them because I know them not and have no clue if they have blogging skills. Instantly, I know they struggle on some level. Why?

Pitching me indicates business, traffic and profits do not flow freely to them, organically, as is the case with all big dawg bloggers. I reply politely with my rates. Some bloggers reply with how there’s no way they will give me their valued, free guest post and money. I politely inform them that I do not want their pitch, smile and wish them the best.

As has been said in a Star Wars movie, arrogance blinds you. The foolish bloggers above arrogantly believe a free guest post from unknown bloggers is a highly valuable, in-demand commodity a blogger like me should beg for. But I have a DA 43 blog with 50,000 backlinks. Or I did, months ago. I do not value or want a free guest post from a stranger I do not trust.

I will accept a quality post from a blogger for my rate. But being arrogant blinds you to the DA 43 backlinks you get, the exposure, and potential traffic and profits you get from guest posting on my blog. Trade arrogance for humility. Humble yourself. Be grateful to access the sugary sweet benefits I afford you by allowing you to guest post on my blog.

Gratefully and humbly pay my rates. Move higher in blogging circles. Humble bloggers rise higher and higher. Arrogant bloggers get picked off by their hubris in lower blogging circles.

Every human being is equal but blogging pecking orders evolve out of your:

  • skills
  • experience
  • network
  • exposure
  • credibility

I observed 4 high level, world famous bloggers speak at a convention for consecutive years. Each blogger befriended one another years prior based on their skills, experience, network, exposure and credibility.

Save 1 of the bloggers, I did not vibe with the others as much. Nothing personal. Simple resonance. But I respect how I am humbly working myself up in blogging circles to reach their level. I also know being grateful, appreciative and detached allows me to eventually reach a level never attained by a professional blogger.

Generous service, detachment, clarity and a knowing in something bigger than myself fuels that statement; not arrogance. Arrogance purged itself from my being after being humbled by a series of events in my blogging life. Thank goodness I released this poisonous, struggle-inducing energy, for good.

Humble yourself. Be a generous servant. Appreciate invites to guest post on blogs. Or pitch successful bloggers from a grateful, generous energy. Appreciate friendships, high DA backlinks, profit and traffic potential. Pay rates gratefully to experience these sugary sweet benefits. Slow down. Calm down. Relax. Be grateful. Be grounded. Accelerate your blogging success by allowing any trace of arrogance to dissolve into humility.


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