Pro Blogging Tip: Time Is a Most Precious Asset for Busy Pros


I just scanned my email for a few minutes. I pondered my most precious asset; time.

I have no time to do anything other than scan emails. I am busy writing and publishing blog posts and guest posts. I respect how bloggers yet to become pro have all the time in the world.

Lived that life. Been that blogger. But before you send a 10 paragraph email, put yourself in the shoes of the professional blogger reading it. Do you genuinely believe a professional blogger has more than 3 seconds to scan and read your email? Nope. He or she does not have that time.

Knowing this, does it make sense to waste 20 minutes writing and sending a 10 paragraph long, blog post size emailed, if someone like me has 3 seconds to scan a single email? Nope. Do not waste your time. Say it in 3-5 seconds. Or do not say it at all.

I recall hearing a top blogger speak. He gets 1000 emails daily. He only reads 1 sentence emails. He deletes everything else. How is that for posture, eh? I just replied to a few emails with a “No thank you” to pitches but only because I wanted to add a link to my eBooks. I ignore all flat pitches otherwise.

Nothing personal guys. I simply do not have the time to reply to all emails and read more than 3-5 seconds of your email because I have 5-10 posts to publish today. Please guys; put yourself in the shoes of a busy pro blogger before you:

  • try to barter-bargain because you fear not having enough money to pay their sponsored post rates; I spam-junk every 2nd barter-bargain ask, every time, so stop wasting our time….yours and mine 🙂
  • write and send a 5 to 10 paragraph email; pros have a few seconds to get your pitch-ask, so spend a few seconds or waste 10, 20 or 30 minutes of your time

Think about it. You benefit and I benefit by me spending 4 minutes scanning a bunch of emails. Spending only 4 minutes scanning email gives me 15 minutes to write and publish this helpful guest posting. I gain skills, exposure and credibility, along with traffic and profits boosts. You learned a critical blogging lesson.

But if I spend seconds or even minutes bartering with cheap bloggers who fear spending money, that 4 minute scanning session becomes a 12 minute reading and replying session, as I try to bargain with cheap bloggers. I also have to let go stuff I did in the past as far as placing sponsored posts and paid guest posts.

If I cannot copy and paste your post and publish it in 1-3 minutes, I can no longer offer that service to you. Why? I have no time to do it. I prefer not to double the rate to compensate me for my time. Why? I prefer to spend that time and energy writing guest posts and blog posts to benefit the whole, versus doing business for one person, for both of our benefits. I intend to benefit 10,000 people; not 2. See what I mean? See how I think?

Buy my blogging time saving eBook if you need pointers.  This ride may feel bumpy as an amateur blogger but I can help you along the way. Why? I have been a new blogger ignorant of time issues, efficiency and effectiveness. I am a pro blogger ruthlessly efficient, effective and brutal on myself if I even think about wasting time. Ok; I love and accept myself 🙂

But I am clear and honest with myself when I waste time because time is a precious asset.

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Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog and eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.