Pro Blogging Tip: All Struggles Begin in Your Mind


No joke; I gotta do at least 3 or more hours of energy management daily in order to publish 5 guest posts and 2-3 blog posts on Blogging From Paradise daily. I know this sounds nuts. But I manage my energy for good reason.

All blogging struggle begins in mind. All struggles begin in mind because energy does not circulate freely through your mind, body and being. I observed my thoughts and feelings roughly 2 minutes ago. I though about taking a break because I did not feel like writing this guest post. Why? I feared writing this post would eat into my free time.

Sitting with the fear revealed I will have ample free time to play with after spending 15 minutes to write and publish this guest post. Fear grows from energies being blocked, restricted or bunched up in your body and mind. Human beings know this as having a stiff back, feeling stiff in the neck, feeling tight anywhere in your body or suffering through blanket mental chaos. You know what I mean; racing thoughts syndrome.

All struggles begin in mind. Root out fears fueling struggles. Struggles end. Success begins. But success only begins if you patiently, persistently and kindly begin observing your fears fueling the struggling. Watching fear – versus burying fear or reacting to fear – does not feel pleasant but liberates you from both fears and struggles. Becoming a successful, full time blogger is worth nudging into fears and feeling fears.

Do it. Thank yourself later. But know that following some daily energy management ritual is the most powerful way to root out both fears and struggles fueled by those fears. I spend my day doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga, doing a little bit of Kundalini yoga, meditating and power walking. I told ya; I engage in 3 or more hours of energy management daily.

Do you know how many fears arise when you intend to guest post 5 times daily? Lots. Engaging in devout energy management unearths my fears for facing and releasing these energies. Releasing these fears allows me to write and publish 5 – or more – guest posts every day. Some see this as being an impossible blogging feat because some bloggers fill their minds with fear, lack, limitation and other energies guaranteeing their struggles.

Other bloggers face, feel and release these fears to believe 5 guest posts daily is quite possible. Sure it requires years of writing practice to churn out 5 helpful posts daily. Welcome to becoming a pro blogger. Practice. Gain skills.

Be patient, persistent and generous. Succeed. Simple process but sometimes, this process feels uncomfortable because you face, feel and release deep fears on your blogging journey. Enter hours of energy management daily. But never dive in with 1 or more hours of mindset work.

Begin small. Start with short, sweet sessions. Perhaps meditating for 10 minutes serves you best. Make sure you start today though. Or expand your mindset training to ferret out fears fueling your struggles. I do not particularly enjoy doing Kriya tensing sessions on waking. Stiffness feels unbearable to embrace in moments.

But unearthing, facing, feeling and releasing fears routinely keeps me fresh, clear thinking, prolific, generous and also positions me to help people more freely so you and I continue to succeed.

Sounds like this is well worth a few moments of discomfort, eh?


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