Do You Delay on the Blogging Sidelines?


I published a video blog post and this guest post in roughly 17 minutes. Sure I had to build up my blogging skills to reach this point. One needs to write clearly, confidently and skillfully through thousands of practice hours to publish content in short time frames. But I also had to not delay, refusing to sit on the blogging sidelines, to enter this type of mindset.

I used to delay. Eons ago. Blogging scared me. Heck; someone convinced me to guest post on Blogging Tips. Did you think I gobbled the opportunity up immediately? No way. I delayed. I feared failing. I feared pro bloggers criticizing me due to increased exposure. But someone walked me off of the ledge. 1100 guest posts later, I thank the dude 🙂

Do not delay. Do not wait on the blogging sidelines. Valued experience meets full time bloggers who dive into blogging from a clear, bold, confident energy. Heck yeah I felt scared during this journey of diving in. I am human. I even observe a few fears now; will I have ample time to publish this post? I need to vacate the premises for another house showing. Plus I have a Sunday afternoon drive lined up. But I feel the fears, put my writing into overdrive and sure I will publish the guest post before anyone arrives to see the home.

I do not delay on the blogging sidelines. I dive right in, blogging, doing freeing, sometimes scary things, every single day. Only experience counts. Think of it; for a few moments, ponder how gaining blogging experience is the only way to genuinely learn how to blog the right way. I may sell you an eBook nudging you in a successful blogging direction. But you need to read the eBook and put my knowledge into action – via practical blogging and mindset tips – to gain critical experience.

Before buying in, you need to take blogging for a test drive. Or you need to commit 100% to blogging by practicing what pros preach. Dive in. Blog. Do what feels freeing but uncomfortable. Help people generously. Take time to enjoy the blogging journey too. No blogger succeeds undergoing a mindless, mad dash fueled by fear, desperation and greed. But dive in and keep going.

Do not hold back. Do not be shy. Do not wait timidly on the sidelines. Guys like me run sprints around hesitant bloggers because while you wait on the sidelines, I just published 15 more helpful guest posts, during the 4 day stretch you hem, haw and delay. Delaying kills your blogging campaign. How can you succeed if barely anyone knows who you are? How can people know about you, your blog and how you can help them if you barely publish content? Cut through your fears. Blog generously. Be bold. Be confident. Ride out uncomfortable moments. Dive in.

Surround yourself with empowered bloggers to dive into blogging every single day.

Empowered bloggers give you confidence, clarity and the inner knowing that even if you feel scared, you need to move forward to succeed. I do not love all moments of my pro blogging journey. Sometimes, I want to kick up my feet to relax more. But I know helping you frees me and frees you. I write and publish this guest post on a Sunday afternoon versus riding around and then watching Amazon Prime for 5 hours. Ok; maybe I’ll watch 1 hour of Amazon Prime, versus 5 😉

Dive in. Blog. Stop waiting on the sidelines. Why allow your fears to hold you back? Mondo fun and freedom awaits for aspiring bloggers with a vision, clarity and confidence in themselves.

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Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog and eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.