1 Sage Tip to Accelerate Your Blogging Success


I spent 3 minutes scanning and replying to email today.

How? I gave zero attention and energy to fear. Or I gave no attention and energy to bloggers who came to me from energies of fear. Starve fear. Multiply your success. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give most energy to success, abundance, feeling generous, grateful and abundant.

Each of those energies expand in your life experience as increasing blogging success manifest as more traffic and greater blogging profits. But the sticking point feels challenging sometimes; how in the heck do you ignore scared people? How do you ignore someone looking for a bargain? How do you ignore someone wanting to barter your guest posting and sponsored post prices? Simple. Face, feel and release your own fears.

I observed my emotions during the scanning session. Each blogger feared losing money. People on a tight budget fear losing money. People who want to pay less money than your rates fear paying more money to reach your rates. What can you do? Handle it like me. Politely wish them the best in a 3 second email. Move on. Never barter, or else you fear losing money. Agreeing with someone who fears losing money means you fear losing money too. Never justify your pricing to someone who fears losing money.

Doing so proves you fear that you and your prices are not suitable, not accurate. 1 quick tip accelerates your blogging success: give 100% to love and abundance and 0% to fear and poverty and scarcity.

Love, abundance and money expands in your experience. Fear, poverty, struggle and failure vanishes. But pinpointing fear in others feels tricky at first because you have your own fears to face. Facing fear feels unpleasant. Who enjoys this process? I sure do not enjoy facing fear. But you gotta do it because spotting fear in other people requires you to face, feel and release your own fears. Part of the blogging game.

Observe people who fear losing money, manifest as:

  • bartering
  • bargaining
  • hemming
  • hawing
  • delaying
  • trying to offer payment through tweets, social shares or based on the worth of their unknown blogs

Being a bit business broke makes you do really silly stuff. After I quote my prices, some bloggers tell me they have no money or budget but can pay me in a tweet. How would a tweet be comparable to, say, $100? Why would someone who accepts $100 USD for their business simply let you pay with a tweet to 400 lifeless followers, instead?

Do you see how poverty distorts reality, deludes your mind and scares you into doing foolish, silly things? This is why you never give energy and attention to fear manifest as poverty in these people; getting involved in their fear-world only brings fear, scarcity and poverty into your experience. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Either ignore these folks by not replying to their emails or reply with an “All the best :)” email because letting go with love prospers you and allows these poor-thinking folks to prosper too; if they choose to see the light. I prefer to leave people with love. You do what works for you, but make sure you do not give in to their fears by bartering, bargaining, explaining your pricing or justifying your pricing. Giving even a split second to poverty allows poverty to creep 1 centimeter into your experience. Why would you want that?

How is your relationship with fear these days? I filmed a video a while back asking you to check yourself from the neck up. Watch it here:

I also cover this topic in my fear-tackling eBook.

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