Why Is Developing Your Emotional Intelligence Critical?


Every blogger who goes pro faces fear, feels fear, releases fear and continues to blog from a generous energy.

Every other blogger struggles, fails and quits. Point blank, developing emotional intelligence is the only way to enjoy lasting blogging success. Bloggers who feel fear and process from a generous, trusting energy drive traffic and profits to the pro level, keeping at it for years.

Everybody else eventually quits. I have seen this story unfold tens of thousands of times during my decade online. Most bloggers quit because most bloggers avoid facing fear. If you avoid facing fear, you eventually quit blogging. Why? Traffic, money and your pro blogging career sit on the other side of fear. All success sits outside of your comfort zone. Holding back only cheats yourself out of success. Nudging into fear feels unpleasant but positions you to succeed.

How do you nudge into fear? Develop your emotional intelligence. How do you develop your emotional intelligence? Expand your awareness. Expanding your awareness involves:

  • meditating
  • doing yoga
  • breathing deeply to ground yourself in the moment

For example, I want to nap now because I feel tired. But observing my feeling of being tired simply moves the feeling of fatigue, fear and mild exhaustion along. I can face, feel and release these emotions because meditating and doing yoga for years expanded my awareness a heckuva lot more than the average blogger.Peep me up top; chilling in places like Oman is fun and freeing, but only because I developed my emotional intelligence.

Bloggers usually duck fear, ensuring permanent failure and definite quitting. Some nudge a little bit into fear but turn around immediately, fearing the unpleasant sensation of being scared. A few select bloggers face, feel and release fears to proceed in a more prospering, successful direction. This crowd expands their awareness to develop a high level of emotional intelligence.

But never confuse intelligence with emotional intelligence. Most intelligent people are afraid, sporting low levels of emotional intelligence. Some less intelligent people live from a generous, loving, more fearless energy, sporting high levels of emotional intelligence.

I am not overly smart or clever. But I am generous, loving and boast a more fearless streak. My high level of emotional intelligence allowed me to circle the globe as an island hopping, pro blogger. Book smarts did little for me. Street smarts did almost everything for me. But increasing my emotional intelligence proved to be a challenging venture because the habit felt highly uncomfortable sometimes. I felt exhausted before during my morning Kriya yoga session but saw the tensing practice through.

Putting in time and energy to be emotionally intelligent inspires me to blog generously while facing fears and other uncomfortable energies. I feel pretty floored now. But I keep blogging. I easily could take the day off but my intuition nudges me through fear, expanding my blogging success as I serve you. No way do I blog unless I increased my emotional intelligence because you need to be generous, trusting and a fear-diving blogger to blog genuinely for thousands of hours, over many years of your life.

Emotionally intelligent bloggers never hold back, blogging from a generous energy. I recorded a video in Turkey a while back diving into this concept of not holding back. Watch it here:

Dig deep. I have been nudged out of my comfort zone often recently. Me and my wife pop in and out of the house as we are showing the home to sell it. But being aware of my fears allows me to move in a prospering direction.


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