Ride out the Blogging Bumps: Things Will Improve


Let’s put practical blogging tips to the side for one moment. Every successful tip in the world does nothing for bloggers paralyzed by fear, leveled by hopelessness and sapped by depression. I have been in this blogging boat. Life feels challenging for entrepreneurs. But I eventually became a pro blogger who circled the globe. Check out the featured image; I snapped that in exotic Oman.

Blogging is an entrepreneurial gig more than anything else. I have known highs and lows. But riding out the blogging bumps was the ONLY way to realize: things can and will improve if you blog generously, patiently and persistently.

Blogging the right way is the only way to ride out the rough patches all bloggers face. Nobody is beyond facing struggles. Every blogger is human. But pros dig deeper to feel fears during these points. Pros feel the fear and keep going. Everybody else buries fears, burdens themselves with fear and either quits or fails for their entire blogging career.

Ride Out Bumps

My wife and I circled the globe for the past 9 years. Traveling to places like Fiji, Bali, New Zealand and Thailand, I have flown well over 120 times. A decent chunk of those flights were long haul flights spanning 12 hours. Being in the air for a long time ensures you experience turbulent bumps. I recall last year’s flight from Oman to Turkey. I experienced inevitable turbulence one always seems to feel flying over the desert.

Did I enjoy bouncing up and down at 4 AM after getting zero sleep the night prior? No. But I fell asleep for a bit, woke up and rode out the bumps because enjoying the freedom of years of international travel involves feeling fear, discomfort and some unpleasant emotions for 5, 10 or 20 minutes.

Truthfully, I only encountered strong turbulence once during my world travels. Even then, the plane only went into a mini free fall for 5 seconds. I did not enjoy the feeling of being on a rollercoaster for 5 seconds but that unpleasant “stomach in your throat” feeling for 5 seconds was well worth the prior 2 months I spent in exotic, peaceful, green and pristine Costa Rica.

Ditto for blogging. A few moments or minutes of heartache, frustration and fear is worth the YEARS of fun, freedom and fulfillment you will experience as a professional blogger in the future. Ride out the bumps. Even if you are 3 years and 4000 work-hours away from going pro, a few moments of fear and discomfort is well worth the freedom of circling the globe as a pro blogger.

NOTHING trumps freedom. I share this from personal experience, guys. Nothing beats living your dreams, being your own boss, calling the shots and serving people generously, inspiring people through your blog.

One way to ride out these tough blogging bumps is to boost your productivity. I filmed a video in Thailand a while back to help you with this task. Watch it here:

Remember why you blog. Tie the reason to something fun, freeing and fulfilling. You need that freeing reason to face, feel and release fears encountered during difficult blogging low points. Something neat happens after riding out bumps; blogging results improve.

Facing fears during blogging bumps seems like a testing mechanism, thinning out the blogging herd, weeding the blogging crowd, allowing the freedom-loving, future pro bloggers to keep going while any blogger with the wrong intent falls by the wayside, being shaken out.

Ride out the blogging bumps. Taste sweet, freeing blogging success down the road.


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