What Wild Trip of Mine Teaches You a Successful Blogging Lesson?


4 years ago, I spent 6 weeks in a remote jungle. My wife and I did a 6 week stint in Costa Rica. We were a 3 hour hike into the REAL jungle. No people for miles. Outhouse. No electricity. I had to be indoors by 5:30 because pitch dark conditions set in after. I could not see my hand in front of my face once night time set in.

Minus candlelight, the evening jungle proved a bit scary at first. But I got used to fear. Day-time jungle felt like a fun, freeing experience. My wife snapped the featured image about a 20 minute walk from the hut. I loved it; seeing tropical birds, being unburdened by humanity’s mass fear, I became liberated along with my wife. For that 6 week stretch we both learned a successful blogging – and life – lesson:

Freedom unfolds for bloggers who routinely dive into fear.

I cannot put into words how free, relaxed and calm I felt at most times in the jungle. Being away from the panicked, frenzied nature of humans cleansed me of mass hysteria. Trees, vines and exotic animals surrounded me. None of these animals told me of their fears. None of these trees impressed their anxieties onto me. Perfect, stable, freeing nature greeted me in the moment every single day. But being in perfect, stable, freeing nature required me to dive into deep fears like:

  • fears associated with using an out house; no plumbing
  • fears associated with not having electricity
  • fears associated with big bugs being in the hut; I remember reaching for my corn flakes to see a mommy scorpion waiting for me, defending her babies (on back) with large, menacing pincers

Most human beings never taste that level of stable, liberating freedom because most human beings never face that level of powerful fear.

Blogging is no different. Most bloggers never experience the freedom of:

  • becoming a professional blogger
  • circling the globe through blogging
  • inspiring the masses through their genuine influence
  • empowering people to live their dreams
  • calling the shots by owning their own full time business venture

because they never face their powerful fears blocking these experiences from manifesting. Diving deep into strong fears feels unpleasant in moments but liberates you from the fears. What happens next? A bit more freedom. I used to fear guest posting for fear of rejection, criticism and wasting my time.

But guest posting unearthed these unpleasant fears, so I could continue to guest post. What happened down the road? All the helpful guest posts I published allowed me to free myself by boosting my traffic and blogging profits. That’s it; that’s the pro blogging journey.

The most fun, freeing experiences arrive cloaked in deep fears. Professional bloggers who live their dreams face their deepest fears on the journey. Feeling these fears stinks for like 5, 10 or 60 seconds. Or maybe for a bit longer. But after that 20 second surge of deep fear, the terrible feeling passes, then you feel a better, liberated feeling.

This is freedom. Feeling more free, you generously create content and connect with bloggers. Generously creating and connecting positions you to live a life of freedom through blogging, because persisting with this strategy allows you to become a professional blogger down the road.

Logically, the pro blogging journey is simple to understand. Emotionally, the pro blogging journey feels unpleasant in moments, but largely, fun and freeing, IF you keep diving into your fears. I filmed this video in that same Costa Rica jungle to show you what it looked like and to help you build a rocking blog. Watch it here:


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