How Quickly Do You Panic Trying to Help Clients?


I sometimes find myself chatting with clients who place themselves under immense pressure from their clients. Clients who place themselves under immense pressure fear losing clients, money and business. Blogging from an energy of fear scares you into making irrational choices that scare off business, profits and excellent clients.

For example, some people I place sponsored posts and guest posts for act as brokers. Some brokers fear losing their client’s business so much that they email me every 5 minutes, 1 hour or 12 hours. I feel their fear. I sense their panic. Fear makes you do irrational, business-dissolving things.

I am largely a patient dude. But even I need to fire clients sometimes who panic and email me too frequently because they fear losing their clients, based on unrealistic promises made by brokers to clients. I blog with posture. I blog with clarity. I scan my email infrequently because I built a passive income model for my blogging business. How else could I blog from Qatar for a month, where my wife snapped the image above in 2016? Some panicked clients email me 5, 2, 5 or more times between email-checking sessions but every one of those emails goes unread until the next time I scan emails.

Guess what? All you do is stress yourself out and fill my inbox with emails I do not even see until I check my email again. Mostly, I could care less because I am largely peaceful. But after sending one warning email expressing how a client needs to stop emailing me too frequently, I will dissolve business relationships with any client who begins emailing me incessantly again. I cannot waste time and energy sifting through a high volume of unnecessary emails from one client.

The moment I cut business ties, the client loses the ability to place guest posts on a high DA blog well over 40 on the scale. Blogs in this category are rare. Rarer indeed is the patient blogger who publishes sponsored content on such sites. Why did you lose the high DA backlink opportunity? You allowed fear to make you panic. Panicking scared you into emailing me 2, 5 then 10 times over 1-2 days when you should have emailed me one time and waited patiently for my reply.

I did not take business away from you; you took business away from yourself because you did not face, feel and release fears attaching you to clients. Clients are not the end all, be all. Getting lost in the blogging process of publishing helpful content and making blogging buddies is the key to making money through your blog.

Do not panic. Take a deep breath. Relax. Any client working on a tight deadline needs to divulge their deadline well before you offer your services to them. Both parties can come to an agreement at that point because expectations have been set. But if you ever set a deadline with a client you need to be clear on the open-ended nature of the transaction for service rendered and associated timelines.

I do most stuff passively online. No client determines my blogging income because my income flows *through* clients and *from* the blogging process of generously helping people. Do you see what I mean? Big difference the moment you do not fear losing business because you lose a client; you immediately see the only reason why you lose blogging business is because you stop devoting most of your attention and energy to generously serving people by creating and connecting.

Shifting from panicking to posturing may require you to be a flexible blogger. Welcome to being nimble. Are you a nimble blogger? I filmed a video in Thailand a while back asking this question. Watch it here:


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