Do Mindset Tips or Practical Blogging Tips Matter More?


Why am I writing this guest post despite my energetic, 4 year old niece running around the house?

I developed my powers of concentration through:

  • meditating
  • doing Kriya yoga
  • doing yin yoga

But I need to sit down and follow actual practical blogging tips to write the post, too. Mindset plays a chief role in successful blogging because blogging is between the ears. But unless you follow sound blogging tips, you will never succeed. You could be a mindset master but not blogging ensures that you do not succeed through blogging. I spend hours daily building my mental muscles. But I also spend hours daily blogging, following practical blogging tips. I could never succeed unless I thought like a success AND followed practical blogging tips to succeed online.

Check out the featured image; that’s me in Oman. I circle the globe as a pro blogger because I work on my mindset then get to blogging work.

Be all about developing your mindset. How you think, feel and act determines your blogging direction. But following specific, actionable, practical blogging tips is critical to become a pro blogger. Think abundantly. Act abundantly by following a proven blogging system. Do not prioritize one over the other, although you do need to begin with an abundant blogging mindset to position yourself to succeed. One abundant quality is being nimble. I recorded a video in Thailand during one of my trips to help you be nimble:

Do not dive willy nilly into following practical blogging tips. I only experience more success these days because I follow practical blogging tips from a fun-loving, detached, chill energy. I guest post, post to my blog and engage bloggers – and readers – from a more mindful, generous energy. I cultivated that energy by being super committed to getting my mind in a more fear-free, abundant, loving vibe. This involved thousands of hours spent meditating and doing yoga. I could take no other shortcuts; I had ample fears to face, feel and release to vibe this way.

Once I did vibe abundantly, following simple, practical blogging tips felt quite easy. My journey felt uncomfortable – or even scary – sometimes but having my mind right influenced me to publish content and make friends on the regular. First, my mind work began. Then, I blogged, following basic, proven strategies. Success followed because I started with mindset work but did not give priority to mindset work over practical blogging tips.

Pros seem to mimic my journey. Some professionals blog from an abundant mindset naturally. Most need to do some mindset work to clear fears, to blog generously, to have fun, to trust in self and to trust in the blogging process. Put in mindset work. Follow practical blogging tips persistently. Succeed. But beware charging forward with following blogging tips without having the right mindset.

Most bloggers have a really tough time online because they follow blogging tips from a fear-based, impatient, poverty-conscious mindset. Bloggers give up at the drop of a hat, seek overnight success and try to get rich quick. Naturally, these pros struggle, fail and either change course to follow a successful blogging strategy or decide to quit because of their impatience.

Get your mind right. Everything else falls into place the moment you blog mainly for fun, generously help people and trust in the process. Getting lost in the process versus obsessing over outcomes opens you up to a whole new blogging world, with prospering bloggers befriending you, following you and promoting you. Birds of a feather type bit.


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