Pro Blogging Tip: Put in the Work Versus Making Excuses


I am watching my niece with my wife now. Busy bee.

She is 4. Energetic. Like virtually all little kids.

Of course, I do not shun my uncle duties. But I also get in the work even though I am busy watching my niece. Pro bloggers get the job done versus making excuses. I see it as being simple; commit 100% to blogging so blogging commits 100% to you. Sure I feel a bit busy now. My niece tries to pull me in 101 different directions. I have oodles of fun playing with her then I blog. I do not make excuses about being busy, being overwhelmed or having no time to blog.

Blogging has been a wonderful mirror for me. I observe how the more I give to blogging, the more blogging gives to me. But this giving occurs over a long haul basis. Putting in work for a day, week or month does not cut the blogging mustard. But putting in work for years does lead to lasting blogging success.

The real challenge is to challenge your excuses. I see excuses popping up in my mind now. But being with the excuses, feeling fears fueling these excuses and moving on is the simple – albeit uncomfortable – way to challenge excuses, to release these energies and to put in the blogging work.

Challenging blogging excuses to ensure you get in that blogging work feels highly agitating sometimes. Ego tries to fight you left and right as you face, own and release excuses. I recorded a video during a trip to Thailand sharing 5 tips for combating agitation. Watch it here:

Your best ally is honesty. At the end of the day, either you put in the blogging work or make excuses. I can claim to be too busy to blog today but if I can play with my niece, watch her, then write and publish this post in small chunks, anybody can do it. Even if you are incredibly busy with some life-changing event, you have 20 to 40 minutes every day to write and publish a post. No excuses. This does not mean you need to publish daily posts but at least get in 20 minutes of blogging work daily.

Take your time though; challenging excuses feels uncomfortable at first because excuses run deep, and thick. As a blogging newbie I clung to a big collection of limiting beliefs masked as blogging excuses. I was gentle but firm with myself to shed fear after fear for quite a while.

But things get easier the more quickly you shed fears. Few fears means few excuses. Few excuses means you put in the blogging work daily. Putting in the blogging work daily means you get the job done. Getting the job done means you position yourself to succeed online.

Put in the blogging work. Observe professional bloggers who put in the work versus making excuses for a long time. Check out the featured image for this blog post.  I snapped that picture in exotic Oman last year. I have circled the globe as a pro blogger for 9 years because I put in blogging work and challenged my excuses on a regular basis. Because I did these things I retired to a life of travel through blogging. You’ll do the same as you take the next steps on your journey to being a professional blogger.


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