What Is the Chief Benefit of Genuine Blog Commenting?


I have published thousands of genuine blog comments over the years.

Each comment allowed me to:

  • share value
  • give of my blogging knowledge
  • make friends with influential bloggers
  • help readers
  • expand my digital footprint

But more than anything, each genuine blog comment was a free way for me to help people and expand my success with virtually no gatekeepers preventing my commenting. Think about it; as long as I shared value to avoid spam folders, I can comment on virtually any blog and no one will stop me from doing it.

Even better? Blog comments are free. I never needed to pay any blogger to publish a genuine comment on their blog. Nor did I need to build relationships with bloggers to publish comments, unlike guest posting, where I built bonds before earning the right to guest post.

One point I make in my blog commenting eBook is that any blogger can publish genuine, eye-catching comments at any time. Newbie, veteran and every blogger in between can publish authentic comments at any time on any blog to:

  • increase brand awareness
  • befriend top bloggers
  • drive traffic
  • increase profits

This is why genuine blog commenting may be the best way for new bloggers to impress, befriend and bond with successful pro bloggers, eager readers, potential clients and potential customers. If you comment the right way it is easy to get the comment approved, published and seen by quite a few interested people. I see blog commenting as being overlooked because most new bloggers try to sprint before they can crawl.

Newbies sometimes want to be featured on Forbes before having any skills, connections or credibility. Slow down, take your time and begin building relationships through genuine blog commenting.

Click that Forbes link. I was featured as a digital nomad sharing tips for tackling loneliness on the road not because I guest posted prolifically at the time. I only began guest posting frequently over the past 2-3 years. Genuine blog commenting helped me gain skills, exposure, blogging buddies and credibility to where I popped up on the radar screen of Forbes contributors. Look at the featured image for this post; me in Thailand. Blog commenting played a chief role in me circling the globe as a pro blogger.

Check out this valuable, genuine content from Harleena via one of my videos:

How to Write Blog Comments Effectively


She published an in-depth, genuine, valuable comment inspiring me to link to her blog, feature her comment in the video and expand her brand awareness. Blog commenting done right yields oodles of helpful benefits with virtually no barriers to entry, save avoiding the spam folder.

Check out my comment on Tim Ferriss’ post:

How to Break Up With Toxic Friends

How else could I share my thoughts for a large, loyal community to connect with like-minded people and to align with Tim’s world-class brand? I did not need to befriend Tim, try to get past his assistants screening my phone calls or do anything save sharing my thoughts in genuine, valuable fashion.

I would say that’s a pretty simple way to help people, to grow my traffic and to expand my business through a powerful, often overlooked medium. Note; comment genuinely on blogs in your niche most of the time. Align to shine.

Publish genuine, valuable comments on blogs aligned with your niche persistently, patiently and generously. Commenting persistently opens the doors to all types of rocking blogging opportunities but you need to keep at it to taste these sugary sweet benefits. Even though I am more of a guest posting guy these days I credit much of my earlier blogging success to a genuine, persistent blog commenting campaign.

I know of no better way for new bloggers to share value, make an impact and grow their friend network on high profile blogs than through genuine blog commenting.

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