Pro Blogging Tip: Weeding and Blogging?


I spent a few hours today weeding at my parent’s house.

Good workout. I learned a solid blogging lesson too.

Weeding – or pruning – is necessary to keep your backyard or front yard looking clean, neat and orderly. Ditto for your blog. I weeded my blog multiple times over the years. Now my layout is simple, clear and clean. I use a minimalist design to focus readers on my:

  • content
  • eBooks
  • courses
  • audio books

Nothing more than that. I do not stuff my blog with useless widgets, ads or anything bloating my blog. Sure I had to do some weeding quite a few times since I created Blogging From Paradise in 2016 because I needed to make my blog lean and mean after some initial bloat. You and I usually add too much stuff to our blogs on creating the sites. Weeding strips away stuff not beneficial to us or our readers.

Think about a widget sharing reader locations based on IP addresses. Why would you take up valuable real estate on your blog to share reader locations? Ultimately, who cares? Think about it; do readers follow your blog to find out where fellow readers live? Nope. Readers follow your blog for some explicit reason firmly grounded in gaining value, solid benefits or some problem being solved.

People follow my blog to get blogging tips. Point blank, I help people succeed as bloggers by sharing blogging tips. Every single thing on my blog needs to help readers get blogging tips through:

  • my blog posts
  • my videos
  • my podcasts
  • my eBooks
  • my courses
  • my audio books
  • my paperbacks

I only share these channels and weeded out all other channels, things or widgets months to years ago.

Do you need to weed your blog a bit? What needs to go? Think about ads. Do you genuinely advertise 100% aligned to your niche? Do you need to weed ad widgets not 100% aligned with your niche? Be honest about your weeding sessions. Some bloggers fear letting go income channels – or engaging in weeding sessions – because the fear of shedding bloated things overcomes the love of being clear, free and successful.

Gaining clarity forces you to trim the fat, to prune the hedges and to continue weeding until your blog is the leanest, meanest version of itself. I recall listing all of my 100 plus eBooks on my home page years ago. Everything changed when the list appeared to be bloat to me. I only spotted this bloat because I got clearer. Beyond that, I had to actually weed the list to clear the extra weight in order to run a lean, streamlined blogging operation.

Weeding involves thinking less like an employee and more like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs get clear to run lean, mean operations. I shared 3 tips to sprint from employee to entrepreneur during one of my trips to Bali. Watch the video here:

Before adding anything to your blog, ask yourself:

  • what value does it add?
  • how does the add benefit you?
  • how does the add benefit your readers?

Answer each question honestly to ensure you need not weed the element down the road. Build a streamlined blog to avoid extensive weeding sessions and to accelerate your blogging business success. I only add elements rich with blogging tips via my free and premium content. Nothing more than that.

Keep pruning. Keep weeding. Success will find you.


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