Do You Want to Succeed Quickly through Blogging?


Sorry. You’re in the wrong business.

Blogging is not get rich quick. Blogging is free yourself slowly, steadily and patiently. Let me give you a little idea of how my day went today:

  • wake at 9 AM
  • do yoga
  • write and publish a blog post
  • write and publish a guest post
  • watch Amazon Prime
  • write this blog post

Most people would not complain about this type of day. Do some blogging. Enjoy Amazon Prime. Return to blogging. I may nap in an hour or two. But my life of today is borne of years. Years of generous effort. For quite a long time, I did not make much money at all through blogging. I had to pay my dues. No one succeeds quickly because bloggers pay their dues before succeeding online.

Paying your dues involves:

  • learning blogging from skilled professionals
  • practicing your writing
  • creating content
  • building connections with top bloggers in your niche
  • learning how to monetize your blog effectively
  • promoting yourself freely

But paying these dues spans many thousands of hours. Expect to work-blog – doing the right things – for many hours before making a penny. I did not get rich quickly through blogging. Nobody does. But I did free myself slowly, steadily and persistently over years of my life.

Work I put in for years allowed me to relax, nap, blog, watch streaming videos, relax again and set my schedule up however I want to work. I have freedom now because I worked for free for hundreds of hours to increase my skills, exposure and credibility. Being skilled, seemingly everywhere and credible helps me profit online.

I had to adopt a long term mindset to see the blogging journey through. Even work I do today lets me amplify my success. Observe my blogger networking eBook. Promoting this read through this helpful post gives the eBook increased exposure and increased potential sales.

No one succeeds online without a vision because your dreams keep you:

  • grounded
  • patient
  • persistent
  • generous

These are the ideal qualities of every pro blogger. Heck; these are the prime qualities of every pro blogger. I love revisiting my vision of circling the globe. Doing so ensures I remain generous, patient and persistent.

Quora Questions

A high percentage of bloggers on Quora ask questions about making money online quickly through blogging. Fear dominates their minds because fearful, greedy, desperate people want to make money fast. Feel these fears. Release the fears. Begin blogging from a loving, relaxed energy with a long term vision in mind.


Enjoy this video break where we chat about how to become a successful blogger:

Back to our regularly scheduled programming….

Blogging gets easier – albeit uncomfortable sometimes – if you do the right, simple things with generous energy for a long time. Blogging for a long time reveals your fears. Sit with your fears. Feel these energies. Move the fears along. Proceed to do simple, basic things like creating and connecting for a long time.

Remove any urge to get rich quick. Blogging is a free yourself slowly type of deal. I circled the globe through my pro blogging career but only because I generously, patiently and persistently created and connected for years of my life.

Put in the legwork first. Relax. Trust. Blogging success will unfold for generous, patient bloggers who see the journey through. Being free is worth every split second spent doing things the right way. I make that claim from 15,000 hours of blogging experience.

Now I am a professional but it wasn’t always that way. I had to blog the right way for a while before traffic and profits rose steadily for me. Ditto for every blogger who eventually goes pro.

Look at the featured image for this blog post. I snapped it during one of my trips to Costa Rica. Blogging the right way for a long time is well worth the effort, patience and persistence.

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