What Analogy Sums Up the Pro Blogging Journey?


New bloggers often try to sprint 250 miles daily during formative months. Goodness knows I did.

What happens? Failure. No one sprints 250 miles daily. Physically impossible. 100% failure rate. Unrealistic.

But fear makes you do silly stuff. Fear makes you see what is not real. Imagine you fear working your job for some specific reason. Blogging feels like the perfect savior. But that is not real. Only you save yourself. Blogging proves to be a failing venture because you try to sprint 250 miles daily.

Fast forward to my professional blogging journey. 10 years into my online career I can say that pro blogging is not sprinting 250 miles daily but slowly walking 10,000 miles over a decade. People go pro before the 10 year mark of course. But even if 4 years expires before you go pro, prepare to walk 10,000 miles over the 4 year period.

I do simple things daily for years. I publish a blog post. I publish guest posts. Imagine each action being like walking slowly, calmly and patiently. I progress perhaps 10 miles daily walking slowly. But walking 10 miles daily over one week results in walking 70 miles. Multiply the 70 miles times 52 weeks. Walk 3,640 miles each year.

Plus you speed up the pace a bit because your skills, exposure and credibility grow. Bump the number up to 3700 miles yearly.

Meanwhile, all those newbie bloggers hellbent on sprinting 250 miles daily fall flat on their face, struggle, fail and quit. I see this happen daily. New bloggers sprint forward with:

  • no sound blogging strategy
  • no proven blogging strategy learned from successful pro bloggers
  • no practice
  • no skills
  • no exposure
  • no credibility

100% of the time, these new bloggers fail. Successful blogging is not a 250 mile sprint daily but a 10,000 mile walk over 4, 5 or 10 years. Be prepared for a fun, freeing, long journey. No one succeeds overnight. I am still at this bit for 15,000 hours. I love blogging. But facing fears unearthed during the journey feels unpleasant sometimes.

What do I do? Proceed slowly, calmly and patiently.

Everything unfolds in the perfect time frame. Money flows to you exactly when money needs to flow to you, to teach you lessons about yourself, your generosity, your clarity and your confidence. Money behaves in that fashion. Ditto for traffic. Traffic flows to you exactly when it needs to flow to you.

Relax. Get lost in the process of helping people. Promote your premium products and services. Assist people generously. Good things take time, generous service and persistence. Add in a dash of patience to see the journey through.

I write this simple guest post on a lazy, hazy, warm afternoon here. Nothing I write seems sexy, spectacular or eye-opening, right? Yet I circled the globe as a traveling, pro blogger for years because I did simple things – like publishing helpful guest posts – over years of my life.

Make sure you blog how YOU blog too. I filmed a short video explaining this success concept. Watch it here:

Keep things simple for a long time but allow your fingerprints to be smudged all over your blog, brand and business. Lisa Sicard made this excellent point recently:

7 Reasons Why People Have Stopped Reading Your Blog Posts

Take your time. Practice writing patiently, persistently and generously to find your writing voice. Study successful bloggers closely; adopt their secret of being incredibly patient in all they do.

Blogging is no massive sprint. Expect to fall flat on your face if you sprint forward because you will never develop the skills, exposure and credibility to succeed.

Slow down. Calm down. Relax. Slowly walk daily for years of your life. Pro bloggers see the journey through every single day but for years. Adopt a long term approach to blogging. Do it right. Build lasting blogging business success by taking a long term approach to blogging the right way.


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