How Has Your Blog Evolved?


Be honest. How has your blog evolved? Or has your blog evolved at all?

I honestly evolve the best I can. My blog seems lean and mean these days. I sell most stuff through Amazon. Amazon is the #1 selling and buying platform on earth. I have evolved with the times.

Largely, at least. I guest post, publish blog posts and broadcast live. All seem evolutionary to me. But I had to see myself in the light of truth to reach this stage of evolution. No one evolves by lying to self. Me included.

Change occurs when change needed to occur. You make this realization. I am busy right now. Busy bee with selling a house, prepping for the sale, planning future trips and keeping up with my blogging business. This proves to sap up most time and energy. But I need to follow my daily energy management regimen too. What can I do? Lots of evolving.

I write 600 word posts. 1000 word posts? Not possible now. I enjoy writing longer form posts but right now, being busy with the home sale, this ain’t happening. No worries. I evolve to change with the times. I stay flexible.

This has always been one favorite quality of mine; being flexible allows me to flow with change, versus resisting change, struggling and failing.

How does your blog evolve with the times? Do you blog from a nimble space? Why or why not? Answer honestly. I am writing versus dictating today. Seems smart to me. Even though I like dictating and my fingers appreciate dictating I cannot churn out posts quite as fast and accurately from a dictating approach.

Again; I need to be especially flexible during these time-suck times. I spend significant time and energy offline between energy management and house prep stuff. Right now it’s about midnight NYC time. I surmise this is my 6th post today. Write shorter posts. Be prolific. This is my evolutionary mantra now.

Promote one eBook through every post. I evolved into this blogger a while back.

Now I evolved a bit more. I add a video to every guest post and to most blog posts. A few ideas hit me the other day:

  • I have thousands of YouTube videos to share; many registered scant views because I shared few properly
  • each video adds value to my blog posts and guest posts
  • each video can increase reader time spent on site

Pondering these ideas, I evolved to add a video embed or link to all guest posts, virtually. Why not save time writing shorter posts but increase time on site by adding video embeds to all posts? Smart, eh?

Before we proceed, let’s revisit why you want to create attractive post titles for your blog:

Evolving becomes necessary not for surviving alone, but thriving. Adding videos honors current trends. I note folks love watching videos on their phones and other mobile devices.

Readers scan words but love talking heads sharing thoughts. Me adding videos to most posts increases my success because I spot helpful trends beneficial to me and my readers.

But evolving feels uncomfortable sometimes. Get used to this feeling on your professional blogging journey because all success unfolds on the other side of fear.

Feel fear. Release fear. Be open. Be flexible. Evolve. I felt fear on abandoning my 1000 word posts strategy recently. But releasing the fear allowed me to find my 600-700 word flow again.

Plus I nabbed the idea to begin publishing posts with video links or video embeds. Everything happened because I chose to evolve. It will be so, for you too.


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