Do You Want to Get Your Ego Stroked or Make Money Blogging?


I get a few emails daily.

But a decent chunk of emails lead to some type of conversion for me.

A high percentage of people pay to advertise on my blog. Some pay to guest post. Again; a high percentage of people who pitch me, pay me. Why? I deleted my contact page years ago.

People need to dig to find my email address via my about page. People who dig deep REALLY want to be featured on Blogging From Paradise. People who really want to be featured on my blog tend to pay me to get featured. Just the way it is. Energy thing. Clarity thing.

But you’d be stunned at how many bloggers need egos to be stroked. Many bloggers brag about getting 20 or 50 or 100 emails daily. But their conversion rates? Lame. Terrible. Painfully low.

I see bloggers boast of converting 1 out of a high volume of emails. 1 out of 30 or 50 guest post pitchers pay money to guest post. Huh? Sometimes, every other or every third pitcher pays me to guest post on my site. Other times, every 4th.

I care little about getting my ego stroked. I do intend to help people while making money online. My email inbox consists of highly targeted people. People need to dig to get my email address. I want it that way. I want serious emailers only because I have little time to check email. I circle the globe. How could I profit unless I minimized email to profit through a passive income model?

Check your ego at the door. My emails received dropped the moment I removed my contact page. My blogging income rose immediately the moment I removed my contact page. Clarity wins. I instantly began dealing with serious people. Many paid my rates. I helped many folks. I made money online. Does it get any better?

Who the heck cares how many emails I get daily? Does anybody pay me for the number of emails I get? Nope. Does anybody pay me if I receive a certain number of emails daily? Nope. I did get caught up in daily email volume until I observed the number seemed to be an ago stroke routine.

I felt good, important, loved and successful if I got 30 or 40 emails during a short time frame. Who cares? Really….do you care if I get a bunch of emails? Nope. I don’t care because I pushed a decent chunk of my ego to the side.

I do care about helping people highly interested in:

  • blogging tips
  • my blog
  • my guest posts
  • my products
  • my services

That’s it. I help highly targeted folks. I free myself through prospering. Both parties win.

Stop seeking ego stroking. Forget about big numbers. Let go the need to feel important. Get hyper busy having fun helping people. Target your campaign. Spend your day connecting with people highly interested in your blogging niche. Profit. Enjoy the ride. Live your dreams through blogging.

Do you feel stuck on writing oodles of content to generously serve people? Watch my video:

Being generous and intelligent makes all the blogging difference in the world. Prolific, strategic bloggers target readerships. From there, get lost in serving human beings versus trying to get a ton of people to visit your site. Highly interested readers help make professional bloggers. High volumes of disinterested people stroke your ego but:

  • put no money in your pocket
  • never become brand advocates
  • never promote you
  • never endorse you

I recall a blogger generating tens of thousands of visitors daily. He made $1000 for his entire blogging career. Dude never learned how to target.

Maybe he felt good about driving a sick volume of blog traffic daily but he could not go pro because he made no coin.

Target. Put your ego to the side. Prosper.


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