Go with the Blogging Flow to Succeed Online


I am going with the blogging flow today. I was super busy this morning. Me and my wife had to meet with the realtor and his handyman because we are working on the home before we sell it. This took up about four hours of my time today.

Rather than force things out of the flow by trying to write my 1000-word blog post and guest posts today, I decided it would feel more fun and in the flow to write and publish more 600 to 800 word blog posts and guest posts. I guess more guest posts when I’m being honest about it. Anyway, being in the flow means doing sometimes-uncomfortable things that your intuition tells you to do. Being flexible is a key point for blogging in the flow or going with the blogging flow.

Imagine if I was rigid. I would write 1000 words no matter what because I would rigidly stick to that set rule. But since I am flexible I go with the blogging flow. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Maybe I write 1000 words again per post or guest post? I have to honor my flow tomorrow because human beings are fluid creatures. I do follow a routine most of the time but never cling to a set routine when it feels tense, stiff or out of flow.

Now do you see why I spend so much time in quiet? Meditating, doing yoga and walking in nature expand my awareness. I become aware of when I am blogging and living in the flow versus blogging and living out of the flow. Super different ball game between the two.

Going with the blogging flow means doing fun things that feel uncomfortable to do sometimes because you usually cling to a routine or strategy. Recently, writing 1000 words felt routine to me. Writing 1000 words felt good. But today that flow changed quickly. Writing 1000 words felt like it would be a chore. Feelings are everything in blogging. How you feel determines how you act and whether or not you succeed. Bloggers who generously help people from a relaxed energy in the flow gain the skills, exposure and credibility to become professional bloggers after many hours of generous service. Being in the flow allows you to do as pro bloggers do well before you become a professional blogger.

Being out of the flow guarantees that you fail. This is because being out of the flow indicates you blog mainly from an energy of fear manifest as rigidness. You know what I’m talking about. Stubborn bloggers who refuse to change when change is the only way to go. Been there, blogged that. I learned painful but valuable blogging lessons during my rigid days because being fed up with failure urged me to go with the flow, to succeed.  I knew writing more posts today at the 600 to 800 word length limit would feel fun, freeing and enjoyable. But my ego fought me at first. Stick to a thousand words, it said. Create longer posts, it said. I was well aware of these words and anxious feelings but simply let the words and feelings go. Then I wrote these posts. So far, so good because I chose to go with the blogging flow.


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