Patience Is the Blogging Buzzword


Nothing I did today was groundbreaking. I wrote a blog post. I published an excellent guest post on my blog. I filmed a short video. I’m writing this guest post. I also did three different types of yoga. Everything is simple. But I’ve been doing this type of stuff for the last 10 years of my life. Not every day. Plus I did screw up for some of the months and years. But it is what it is. Everything was part of my blogging journey. Everything had to unfold how it unfolded to teach me the ultimate blogging buzzword: patience.

That’s it. Being patient is the blogging buzzword because generously helping people for a long time is the key to becoming a professional blogger. Patient bloggers help people for a long time. Patient bloggers do not panic and bail on a proven strategy of creating helpful content and building strong friendships with powerful bloggers. Being patient gives you the energy to see the journey through. I only became a professional because I was patient. You only become a professional if you are patient.

I read an update from Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter yesterday. He mentioned how patience will always be underrated. The dude understands being patient because he became iconic by patiently helping people for free. This is what so few people understand. Many bloggers believe I am lucky but they are just impatient. That’s the only difference between me and most bloggers. I am not lucky. I just didn’t quit in a world largely impatient bloggers. Generous, patient bloggers see the journey through to become professional bloggers.

Again, think of my day today. I spent a number of hours creating content and building meaningful connections. Almost any blogger can do this right now quite easily. But most bloggers are impatient. They want results now. Everything they want, they should have had yesterday. Naturally, this largely inpatient group of people never becomes professional bloggers because they avoid doing all the things they need to do to succeed online. It’s easy to see that lack of patience is a chief cause of failure and being patient is a blogging buzzword for success. But you need to cultivate this habit in order to be predominantly patient in all you do blogging wise.

I suggest spending more time in quiet. I spend hours daily meditating, doing yoga and also exercising. Each practice gives me peace of mind but also unearths fears that fueled my former lack of patience. Even to this day, I see myself being a tiny bit impatient sometimes with my blogging campaign. If that’s me, and I’ve spent many thousands of hours in silence to cultivate peace of mind, you see the importance of spending time in quiet right now. I can credit much of my pro blogging career to spending time offline versus spending time online. I used to mindlessly rush through the day impatiently, obsessing over outcomes.

Facing fears allowed me to purge my impatient ways. Now I just create and relax. I chill out from a patient, persistent energy. You too need to be patient in order to succeed because good things take time plus generous service. Nobody succeeds overnight. But most bloggers want to succeed overnight or within one month or within six months. I often see bloggers willing to work 18-hour days for six months when they should be working 6 to 8 hour days for the next 5 to 10 years. Everybody wants success overnight.

People want the sweet benefits of being a professional blogger without putting in the time and work. But every single one of these impatient people weeds themselves out from the herd because they do things from an energy of fear. Vibing from fear and guarantees that you experience struggle, failure and eventually you quit. Impatience fueled your failing blogging journey.

Observe professionals. I share my experience today to let you know that this gig is not highly difficult but sometimes uncomfortable. Blogging freed me from many destructive mental states. Being impatient was one such low energy mental state. Lacking persistence was another problem of mine for years. Blogging mirrored my mental issues back to me for embracing, facing and releasing. Fall in love with the process to succeed. This has been my experience. This has been the experience of many professional bloggers.

All I do everyday is create content and make friends by helping bloggers. Nothing I do is complex, difficult or highly incredible. Being patient is the only thing that separates me from most bloggers. That’s it. That’s why being patient distances professional bloggers from everybody else. Top bloggers do simple things persistently from an energy of patience, trust and predominant detachment. That’s what you need to do to succeed online. Patiently do simple things. Keep reminding yourself that this journey isn’t sexy but the results are very sexy.

I am already planning my next trip after we move on from our current location. First it looks like we will go domestic. But then we will go international as global travel opens up again. That’s a really cool life I live. Generously helping people over a long amount of time – fueled by my patience – allowed me to live this life. Do simple things persistently, patiently and generously. That’s the professional blogging journey.


Emerson said to adopt the secret of nature, which is patience. Follow his wisdom. Allow things to unfold exactly how everything is meant to unfold. Money takes its sweet time anyway. So does traffic. Get busy having fun helping people from a patient, persistent energy. Blogging success will be yours when you honor the blogging buzzword of patience.


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