What Matters Most for New Bloggers?


Whatever drives you makes all the difference in the world. This is especially true for new bloggers.

I have been doing this for over a decade. But I only write this post today because I blog for freedom. I only do what I do because I love doing it. That helped me do this for a long time. Loving blogging inspired me to blog for a long time. Blogging for a long time is the only reason why I went pro.

I watched the documentary on Showtime earlier today. Big hoops fans here. Anyway, this movie chronicled how a high number of NBA players grew up in a county in Maryland in the USA. Without fail, the passion for basketball in this county outshines virtually any area in the country. This is why 30-plus NBA players or more grew up in this tiny little county. People say it’s in the water there. But it’s really in the passion. Drilling deeper, these players mentioned how their love for the game drove them. They had fun playing so they did it all the time. Doing something for thousands of hours allows you to get so good at it that you get paid for it when you journey the appropriate channels.

Blogging is no different. People want to know how I travel the world as a pro. I tell them that I’ve blogged for 15,000 hours. My passion inspires me to practice on a day like today when I feel tired and would rather take a nap. Sure I will take a nap later. But now it’s time to write and publish this guest post. It’s time to promote another eBook – perhaps my influential blogger eBook is a nice companion read for this post, for aspiring influencers – and help you guys and keep spreading the word. Why do I take time to do this when I feel tired? I blog for a fun, freedom and passion.

I love traveling the world through blogging. I love helping you to blog successfully. Having that driver has pulled me through many hairy situations over the years. Blogging mainly for the joy of blogging helps me blog through thick and thin. Blogging for the joy of blogging keeps me focused on what matters. Putting in the time gets easier if you have fun blogging. Putting in the time gets harder if you’d like to make money online.

I always know people who will quit quickly. This crowd just wants to make money blogging and has not the patience, persistence or fire to see the journey through 4, 5 or 10 years of their lives. I can spot the passionate crowd from a mile away. These new bloggers dive into the game to have fun. Mainly, these bloggers want to help people and enjoy the process. This crowd blogs to have fun on the way to their dream life.

Forget about domain and hosting issues, blogging on the right platform, tools and techniques and all that other jazz. Passion, or the pursuit of your fun, matters the most for every new blogger. Why you blog dictates if you blog. Do you understand what I’m saying by the prior sentence? Really think it through. The reason why you blog is the sole driver that motivates you to do or not do certain things. Most bloggers give up at the drop of a hat because they have no passion for blogging. They just want to make money. But unfortunately for them, making money online requires that you practice enough to develop the skill of making money online through blogging.

This involves many thousands of hours of practice. Before that though, you need to invest money in premium resources to understand how to blog the right way. Who do you think invests money in blogging resources and blogs for hundreds of hours before making a sent? Passionate bloggers of course. Everybody else vanishes because everybody else wants to get something for nothing quickly. This is why I’m really not too keen on answering questions for people who want to know what tool, technique or strategy they need as a new blogger. I say nothing. The carpenter makes the difference, not the hammer. The doctor makes the difference, not the groundbreaking procedure. The blogger makes the difference, not the tool or technique.

Successful people in every single niche do what they do mainly for the love of doing it. You better have the same attitude if you want to be a professional. I would not be doing this on a lazy afternoon – when it feels like 100 degrees F – feeling quite tired after blogging over 15,000 hours of my life unless I blogged mainly for fun. You need to have fun blogging because this energy inspires you and sustains you to keep practicing before you’ve made any money online. It also keeps you going when you’re just making a few bucks.

This is the energy that keeps you going to continue doing the right things, sticking to the blogging basics, until you generate a full-time 3 online. The journey is simple but uncomfortable. Passionate bloggers see the journey through. If you blog for passion, you will succeed.  If you have that down you will win. You will succeed. Worry not about tools. techniques and all that other stuff. All the right tools and strategies will flow to you if you blog for the right reasons. Blog because you have fun doing this. See your dreams as being extras, or bonuses or like icing on the cake. This is the perfect energy for beginning your blogging campaign.


Blog mainly for fun. Stabilize your energy. Sustain yourself for a rewarding, enjoyable and sometimes challenging journey that will span thousands of hours of your life. If you’re going to blog, you may as well enjoy the journey, because you’ll be blogging for a while until you become a professional..

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