Is Time or Energy-Work More Important Blogging-Wise?


This is my third post of the day already. It’s not even noon. Energy – or work – is an important element in becoming a successful blogger. But so is time. I could help people for free for a few posts. I never would have gone pro if I just wrote a few posts. Even being generous makes little difference for your pro blogging career if you hold back after a few weeks of being generous. Time and energy are both critical elements to succeeding online. Be generous. For a long time. Success will find you. This morning, I was generous. I helped people for free a few times. Important stuff. Being generous increases your skills, exposure and credibility. But helping people three times doesn’t cut it as far as becoming a professional blogger. I would have become a pro 2 hours into my blogging career over a decade ago if this were the case.

Being generous for a long time requires you to blast through doldrums. Here’s how:

Seeing the generous journey through makes the difference. Time plays a key factor. I spent hours this morning helping people for free. I spent hours yesterday doing the same thing. I spent fifteen thousand hours over the past decade helping people for free and helping people for pay too. Don’t get it twisted. I receive money for products and services offered. I am a professional.

Professionals get money for products and services offered. But I had to help people for free to become a known commodity, to gain trust and to be credible in the eyes of a large community. I had to work for years to become a professional. The time element and energy element have been equally important for me. Ditto for all professional bloggers. I do not know of any pro who succeeded by being generous for a few weeks or months. Nor do I know of a pro who mindlessly worked 18 hours a day with a poverty conscious energy. No one becomes a professional by trying to get something for nothing. No pro built their career on a few months of generous effort.

Both the time and energy element of blogging are crucial to succeeding online. Get lost in both. Have fun helping people for free. See the journey through. Overnight success does not exist. Only in the movies.

Never Let Movies Influence You

I note something interesting occurring in movies. I have watched a few biographies of successful people recently. Without fail, the movies fast forward through 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years of hard work. The person starts off young then all the sudden becomes a pro or some icon over a two-hour stretch. Success doesn’t happen that way. If they ever made a movie about me – which would be funny I assure you – you could never get the full story. Hollywood has 2 hours to cover my life. But I only became an island-hopping pro blogger through 15000 hours of generous service. Nobody can squeeze 15000 hours into 2 hours. This we know. But subconsciously, most bloggers get infected by this movie success meme.

Bloggers see successful people in movies. You think 2 hours instead of 30 years. You think 20 minutes for a pivotal portion of the movie instead of 15 years. It’s a mind screw. Seriously. Then you hop online and expect to succeed in two months or five months or two years. It just doesn’t happen that way. My experience is so different than that. Every pro I know has a different experience too. Some pros spend 15 years blogging. Other spent a decade. Many didn’t make a penny for their first year or two online. But they’re millionaires now. Why? These professionals understood that both time and energy elements played a chief role in their success. Being generous is just one step.

Putting in the time is another step. You can do it. I know you’re up to it. Just be realistic. Listen to me. I’m not lying to you LOL. This really does require thousands of hours of your generous effort. There’s no other way. At least there’s no other ethical way. Try taking shortcuts. See where that gets you.

I like to mention my friend Alonzo Pichardo as a fabulous example of someone who fulfilled both energy and time elements to become highly successful online. He has been at this gig for over 11 years. He has generously served people for that amount of time. Naturally, he has become a thriving professional. He didn’t take shortcuts. Alonzo did it the right way. He maintained integrity. He did not quit after a week or month and then return to blogging a year later. He saw the journey through for 11 years. He has put in many thousands upon thousands of hours. So he’s successful.

It is that simple but the journey feels really uncomfortable sometimes because your fears try to derail you. Your fears may try to scare you into holding back and being stingy, but that leads to failure. Your fears may tell you that what you’re doing isn’t working after you haven’t made a penny during your first 6 to 12 months online, but that leads to failure too.

See the journey through. You can do it. If I could do this blogging bit anybody who generously helps people for a sustained amount of time can go pro. Be generous for a long time. Don’t forget that you’re a business person too. Charge premium rates for your products and services. Have posture. Make money blogging by being helpful and persistent.


Generously help people. Put in the time. Prosper online.


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