Why Is Blogging a Journey of Self Discovery?


The more I blog the more I learn about myself. I just checked my email for a few moments. First time in a few days. I learned how checking my email daily threw me off. I became too attached to outcomes from fear. But throwing away this limiting belief, I developed peace of mind scanning my emails every two days. Virtually nothing I do is service-based. Virtually everything I do is passive income. Why do I need to check email daily?  Am I a doctor? Is my email a life-and-death scenario? Will people die if I don’t check my email in 24 hours? No. 

Especially because my service-based business is small and my passive business is the core of my blogging strategy. I circle the globe and make money passively. People living in Bali for months at a time never want to be tied to email because folks from all different time zones reach out to set up chats at different times. Bad idea for me. But I only learn this about myself because I know blogging is a journey of self-discovery. Blogging helps you see yourself in the light of truth.

 So I checked my e-mail a few moments ago. I scanned through from a mindful, relaxed energy. I responded to a few people and ignored most of the emails. It’s neat. Years ago, email was such a dramatic thing for me. My email inbox triggered old types of fears in me. I based my whole blog and campaign on how I felt after checking email. It was a horror show. But I eventually learned that being with these fears, feeling the fears and releasing the fears taught me to be calm, relaxed, detached and generous with my blogging campaign. 

I had to see myself in the light of truth to make these realizations. I could only experience more blogging success by discovering this lesson about myself. Checking email needs to be a small part of what I do. Helping people for free through guest posts like this needs to be a big part of what I do. Not only does it feel fun to help you guys, it helps both of us succeed. You gain knowledge from a pro with 15,000 hours of blogging experience. I have fun helping people which feels good and also drive traffic and make money online. We both win.

Look within. What lessons has blogging taught you about yourself? Stick around for the answer. Be honest with yourself guys. Honesty is the only policy. I just discovered the other day that writing posts is easiest and most helpful if I blog in the first person. It’s crazy that I’m discovering this stuff after 15,000 hours of blogging but such is the journey of self-discovery. You only learn about yourself when you look within after gaining personal blogging experience. I keep learning more blogging lessons daily because I look within. 

Sure I’ve enjoyed blogging in the first person over the years. Sure I’ve had success. But now the realization hit me. Go first person. Share my experience. Help you. Do this all the time. I also discovered recently that dictating posts is much easier than writing posts. Another realization. My fingers and gimpy back in addition to my tender shoulders taught me this lesson. Blogging is a journey of self-discovery because you learn about your thoughts, feelings and actions through this medium. How you blog dictates how you think, feel and act predominantly. Perfect mirror.

 Do you want to go pro? Develop the personality of a generous soul. Help a bunch of people for free by creating content. Help a bunch of bloggers for free by promoting them. Expect little to nothing to detach from outcomes. Observe your blogging success grow over the long-term. But be patient. Blogging is a study in patience, persistence, generosity and trust more than anything else if you embody these qualities. Remember, the self-discovery thing.

 Most bloggers begin blogging to make money online. Some despise their jobs. Some want to leave their nine-to-five gig. There is no self discovery there. Just aversion. I invite you to begin blogging mainly to have fun helping people. Then, visualize yourself living your wildest dreams. This will teach you about yourself quite quickly because most people are so mired in fear that they only picture circumstances or current situations, versus sitting down to visualize themselves living their dream lives. 

When you do visualize you will notice a sense of confidence about your being. Peace takes over your mind. The mental picture feels more true each time you visualize the details within your mind’s eye. Visualizing inspires you to blog mainly to help people, to have fun and to trust completely in yourself and in the blogging process. I still learn more about blogging every single day and I’ve done this for 15,000 hours. I’m sure you can learn heaps about yourself if you look within from a genuine perspective.

 I recently discovered how I needed to be more chatty on Twitter. Twitter stars like James Pierce and Paul Franklin inspired me to chat more frequently. But I had to see myself honestly to realize change was needed. I have always engaged somewhat but those two pros inspired me to chat more. Again, I discovered this aspect about my Twitter campaign because I saw myself truthfully and learned my lesson. Blogging is such a fun journey if you look within. 

Blogging is a freeing journey if you see yourself truthfully. Blogging is an enlightening journey if you blog mainly to have fun helping people because this stable energy promotes your long-term success. Anyone can live their dreams through blogging if you blog the right way with the right energy. But you need to keep learning about yourself along the way in order to blog from this space.


 Join me. Let’s learn more about ourselves through this inspired medium as we accelerate our collective success.


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