How Exactly Does Your Blog Stand Out?


Today I recorded a video of myself doing a basketball drill. 25 years have passed since I did the drill. But I still did a good job. I can still hoop. What does this have to do with blogging? Nothing and everything. Basketball is not directly related to blogging. But showing off my life away from blogging helps you relate to me. I become a human being with interests outside of blogging. People relate to humans more than they relate to blogging machines. Some people think I am a blogging machine because I create helpful content regularly. But I still relate to these folks because I talk about my love of old school rap, or my three kitties, or my love of travel.

Working myself into my blog and brand helps me stand out in a world of people who generally avoid mentioning themselves through their blogs. It’s okay not to mention yourself if you plan to sell your blog. I get that. But if not, you’re ignoring the number one factor that makes your blog stand out. That would be you. That would be your stories. That would be your life. That would be your writing voice. That would be your approach to your blogging niche.

Watch my video where I explain why to add more *you* to your blog:

I sometimes work my travel stories into my blog. I might relate blogging tips and being attacked by two wild men in Kathmandu. I actually did that once. It was fun. Not being attacked. But making the relation between getting attacked there and successful blogging lessons you can learn from my experience was fun and helpful for my readers. You won’t find that story on any blogging tips blog other than mine. This is why my blog stands out. But sometimes I just talk about more mundane stuff. That’s okay too. But I lend my writing voice to the blog post. I also work in stories sometimes as well. Personal stories. Stories that help me and my blog stand out from the crowd.

No need to try to stand out. Be yourself. Share yourself with the world. Share your stories with the world. I enjoy working my travel stories into my blog but you may work in other types of stories. Think about your offline life. What happened today? Relate it to your blogging niche. This is simple but sometimes uncomfortable because you fear sharing too much. That’s okay. I want to get to know you better. I want to relate to you. I want to connect with you. Go ahead. Share away. Professional bloggers love someone who shares elements of their life outside of blogging. I’ve been blogging for 15,000 hours. Even though I love blogging I like to hear stories about stuff other than blogging. When you do something for 15000 hours, you sure have a passion for it but you’d enjoy stories not related to blogging.

What personal stories have you worked into your blog recently? Doing so helps you go pro because being multi-dimensional makes you more credible, trustworthy and relatable. I have connected with influential bloggers by simply sharing my life away from blogging. People saw mutual interests. Folks reached out to me based on our mutual interests. I didn’t do any hard blogging work. I just shared aspects of my life away from the laptop. Hobbies. Family time. My love of weather. Did you know I’m a meteorologist? Not by trade, but by schooling. I was a meteorology major. I never worked in the field but enjoy following the weather. You can call me a weather buff. Now you know that I am a blogging tips blogger with a keen interest in weather. That makes me stand out a little bit. I bet you want to get to know me better if you’re a weather buff too because birds of a feather flock together. This goes for blogging. This goes for life.

Share enough of your hobbies and you’ll become connected with all types of bloggers who share the same hobbies. This is a simple way to gain credibility. Of course you need to know your niche inside out. But beyond that, sharing your hobbies makes you more human, relatable and trustworthy to clients and customers. Nobody wants to follow a one-dimensional blogger. I could care less about someone who blogs 18 hours a day and only talks about making money online. Boring. But I do enjoy following bloggers who share their life away from blogging. You and I are human beings, not human doings. We don’t do one thing or two things. We are beings with a wide range of experience. Share that wide range and you connect with more humans by being more human to people.

I may write content routinely but circle the globe too. People may think I spend most of my time blogging but that’s not true. I share enough selfies from places like Fiji, Bali and Costa Rica for you to know I spend a great deal of time and energy circling the globe, living the dream as a professional blogger. This is a simple way to gain credibility. Sure you trust my blogging tips but seeing that I’m a human being blogging professionally from around the world, showing my offline hobbies, interests and likes, lets you know that you too can do this. You can have a rich life offline and succeed online. You can be multi-dimensional and live your dreams through blogging. How cool is?


Follow my lead. Work your offline life into your blogging brand. Doing this is the quickest way to stand out because your story is unlike any human being. No blogger can mimic your experience. Nobody can parrot your voice. Be you, blog about your experience, add personal stories to your blog and you will stand out easily.


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