How Successful Bloggers Handle Stress


Slow down. Calm down. Feel your stress. Remember why you blog. Think about your fun, freeing blogging driver. Taking these simple but sometimes uncomfortable steps helps you handle stress like a successful blogger. Every blogger faces stress because every human clings to fears. Even successful pros have fears. No blogger is enlightened.

Before we proceed, I recorded a video to help you better help stressed out folks:

Successful bloggers develop the skill of handling stress and moving forward. Handle stress by being with the fears fueling your stress. Stress is fear. Feeling the fear does not feel good. Feeling fear feels bad. But after you feel the fear, the fear moves on and you feel calm. It’s quite simple. But you need to slow down, calm down and sit with the fear for a few moments until the fears and accompanying stresses simply pass. Once the feelings pass, you feel good. Calmness dominates your mind. Then it’s time to remember why you blog. This is a biggie because shifting from fear to freedom changes your predominant vibe immediately.

First, you slow down, calm down and feel the stress. Then you release the fear and stress. Follow up by visualizing your dreams. Remember why you blog. Tie that reason to something really fun. Tie that reason to something super freeing. Focusing on these emotions of fun and freedom from a peaceful vibe ground you in the moment. In the moment, everything is completely okay. It’s all good. Nothing to stress about. Nothing to worry about. But developing this skill takes a little bit of practice. Strike that. Developing this skill takes quite a bit of practice but the practice is well worth taking a more stress-free journey.

Stress arises but in those moments just slow down and calm down. Never make the mistake common to struggling bloggers. Struggling bloggers try to plow through stress without being mindful of fears feeding their stresses. What happens if you never mindfully feel fear? The fear grows in your being and your stress gets worse. Bad idea. Feeling bad by burying stress guarantees your permanent blogging failure because you will blog from fear and poverty, not love and abundance. Slow down. Calm down. Feel your stress. Feel your fears. Proceed from a more relaxed energy as you visualize your fun, freeing dream life.

Following this simple process inspires you to get busy helping people generously. Stress is inward focused. A blogger is worried about themselves. Stress results. But thinking outward to serve people generously through your content, by helping people through promotion, and by commenting genuinely on blogs moves your attention from inward focused stress to outward focused love. Instantly, you feel better. Seize this professional blogging secret and use it to your advantage. Professionals generously help people. Pros get lost in helping people through their blog, their guest posting, through broadcasting live and through podcasting in some cases. Be like these individuals. Help people freely. Feel good. Dissolve your stress.

Stress is a bunch of little energy waves in your mind. All emotions are energy waves. Nothing more. Even if feeling stressed seems overwhelming, the emotions are just little energy waves that disappear the split-second you stick around to feel the emotions. Think about it that way. Dial down your stress by seeing stress as it really is. Feel these energy waves masquerading as fear and the emotions move on quickly. As the fears move on fast, allow your calm, peaceful vibe to guide you towards helping people generously through your blog, through your products and through your services. But the journey to a more stress-free blog is painfully simple; slow down, calm down, feel the stress and fear, feel more relaxed, visualize your dreams then get busy helping people for free.

Successful bloggers take this path because blogging from the inside out helps you craft your blogging success from the mind. Everything flows from the mind. Working hard does not matter if you vibe poverty, fear and struggle. Working long does not matter if you cling to deep fears. But if you feel and release the fears, everything changes immediately.

Go the way of the professional, successful blogger. Feel your stress to release the stress. Get busy helping people from a generous vibe. But don’t forget to see your vision early and often. Visualizing your dreams gives you the confidence to follow simple steps toward your dreams. You see the image in mind. It feels true. It is true. Now that you have it in mind, take your time helping people from an inspired, relaxed and detached energy. That is the secret. That is how to succeed online. Helping people for free from a chill vibe. From there, Everything grows substantially over the long haul. But the difference maker was seeing your vision, feeling relaxed and confident, and helping people generously as you feel your stresses along the way.


Slow down. Calm down. Step into your stress. Feeling the fears feeding your stresses simply allows the fears and stress to dissolve. Sure it feels uncomfortable for a few moments but it’s worth it to think, feel and act like a successful blogger. Now you’re free to feel calm. Relax. Visualize your dream life to increase your confidence in knowing that the vision is coming true. Then get busy helping people for free through a wide range of platforms to accelerate your blogging success.


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