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Most successful bloggers do not hide secrets. Holding back hurts your success because anytime you get stingy, the universe becomes stingy with you. But two seemingly obvious strategies seem to be secrets to most bloggers. Newbies or struggling bloggers behave like these two ideas are in fact closely guarded secrets. Maybe they are to you. If so, let’s uncover the secrets to accelerate your blogging success.

Successful blogging is a simple journey of creating and connecting generously. But you have lesser, nuanced skills you need to learn to succeed. Plus you need to generously create and connect for many thousands of hours before going pro. That time frame shakes out most bloggers because he masses would rather quit than face their deepest fears. Do not panic. Do not bail. Visualize your most freeing life. I always spend a few moments seeing myself in a place like Fiji or Costa Rica after I wake up every day. Allowing this vision to appear on the screen of my mind instantly calms me. I have visited these places but know I will visit again in the future. The vision grounds me, anchoring me with a sense of peace, calm and knowing that the vision is coming together for me. This is the perfect energy for diving into these two successful blogger secrets.

1: They Out Create Most Bloggers

Successful bloggers out create most bloggers. Pros do this from a prolific energy. Some successful bloggers publish a high volume of high quality short form content. Other successful bloggers publish a lesser volume of high-quality, long form content. Think Neil Patel or Brian Dean. In both cases, these bloggers out create most other bloggers. This is one reason why top professionals succeed online.

You and I see top pros everywhere because their content grabs our attention spans. Plus, bloggers share their content freely. This expands their reach far and wide. Observe how fast Neil’s tribe shares his blog posts and videos. His community spreads his word like wildfire. This allows Neil to be in seemingly millions of places at once which gives him the exposure and greater credibility that makes him even more successful. Dude is pretty successful to begin with. But when you keep creating valued content you cannot help but to be in all types of places.

Be prolific. I advise you to visualize your dream life in mind. See your dreams manifest to energize yourself for this blogging journey. Seeing your dreams manifest makes the vision feel real. The more real it feels, the more confident you feel about the vision coming true. Why? You know it’s coming true. The vision is truth. After visualizing sessions, get busy generously helping people through your blog, guest posting, live broadcasting or podcasting.

Focus on your blog for starters. No blog post frequency is the right frequency but publish at least one post weekly to polish your writing skills. Be generous. The more freely you give without holding back the more skills, exposure and credibility you will gain. Boosting your skills, exposure and credibility drives significant traffic and profits for you. But only over the long haul. Blogging is not get rich quick nor does any professional experience overnight success. Good things take plenty of time and even more generous service. The journey is 100% worth it.

2: They Out Engage Most Bloggers

My friend James at From Click To Sale gave me the idea for this post. He out engages most bloggers online. Especially on Twitter. Dude is a rock star over there. James mentioned enjoying and reviewing one of my e-books. Rather than just retweet the e-book he commented on the retweet. Do you see what I mean? Top bloggers who succeed mightily go the extra few inches to do what few other bloggers do.

The seemingly small differences between bloggers are actually quantum leaps from failure to success. But it seems difficult to see this. How could talking to a blogger frequently lead to success? Why does not engaging at all lead to failure? In a nutshell, being social helps you make money blogging buddies. Blogging buddies promote you, endorse you and buy your stuff as long as you publish helpful content. Being creative and social are simple skills in that anybody can create content and chat people up. But to get really good at creating and connecting you need to put in time. Lots of time.

Someone like James spends a lot of time engaging on Twitter but he also puts in work creating content for his blog. Successful bloggers just put in the time that most bloggers don’t put in. Plus they do the right things. The right things being creating helpful content and engaging fellow bloggers and readers. Be social. Comment genuinely on blogs. Chat with people on Twitter and Facebook. Chat with people via email. I’ve been chatting with a traveler from Scotland who has questions about Malaysia. It’s been fun. This is the key to succeeding online. Be social to make friends and to inspire people to trust you. Put in the time. Sometimes you’ll be up late because you have lots of people to reply to. This is part of the blogging business. Treat it like a serious business, publish valued content, engage people freely and you will become a professional.


Being incredibly prolific and highly social pushes you out of your comfort zone. Most bloggers know that creating and connecting leads to success but few understand the amount of free giving and social engaging that you need to do in order to become a professional. Well….. now you know. See your dream life in your mind’s eye to edge out of your comfort zone. Create and connect your way to being a professional blogger.

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