Launch Your Own Video on Demand Service with Uscreen


You don’t need to be a Netflix, Disney or Hulu to launch your own video streaming service. You also don’t have to be at the complete mercy of an ominous algorithm over which you have no real level of control or predictability. Instead, what you need is Uscreen if you want to take your video business into your own hands. It’s described as the “world’s leading video monetization platform” and it provides everything you need to sell videos online. 

Sell Videos Online Your Way

The goal or objective of Uscreen is to empower video entrepreneurs to truly own and monetize their own content, building thriving businesses where they are in control. Uscreen is an all-in-one, video-on-demand monetization platform. 

It’s white label and fully hosted with a robust server that can handle serving up high quality video content 24 hours a day, making it easy for you to sell videos online. As cable cutting becomes the norm, OTT (over-the-top) video streaming has quickly emerged as the mainstream standard. Uscreen puts you right in the middle of it.

A great strength of this OTT platform is that it’s already configured so you can launch your own app or “channel” on many of the most popular devices and marketplaces that your customers are already using. These include Roku, iOS, AppleTV, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, AppleTV, LG webOS, Samsung Smart TVs and more. 

Complete Video Distribution Platform

With so many different video distribution platforms out there to choose from, you will likely spend a lot of time comparing the features and specs for each. Some solutions will have more features and tools than others, but it’s important to find one that doesn’t bill seperate for each tool or upgrade, while also hitting all of your needs as well.

In the case of Uscreen, you will find that it truly is an end-to-end solution for your video business. Regardless of the size of your following, you can benefit from such a comprehensive platform and solution. 

Signing into your account, you can browse through the myriad of options and features via the navigation menu on the left. For example, it’s easy enough to drag and drop to upload your videos to the “content” section, organizing your videos by categories, collections, authors or custom filters. 

In addition to the complete video CMS (content management system), it’s also through this dashboard that you can manage your customer data (CRM), your sales information, your marketing campaigns, and more. Indeed, Uscreen comes with a number of built-in marketing tools to help you reach your target audience.

SarahBethYoga offers a great example of what you can achieve with Uscreen and how it can apply to your video business. She uses YouTube as the top of her funnel, but she recognizes that the majority of her income comes from memberships (80/20 rule). Uscreen has grown her income significantly, because she no longer relies on YouTube advertising. Ad-based video monetization can be unpredictable and low-paying, and video creators seek more stable, controllable sources. That’s where Uscreen steps in. 

Full Analytics and Monetization

Take a look at any of the top digital media platforms and providers today, and you will see that their business models are all about the numbers. They need to know how many members are coming and going daily, usage rates and of course, incoming and outgoing revenue.

With this in mind, you need to have a full handle over your numbers to have a successful business. Uscreen comes through in spades here too with comprehensive analytics. That’s both for your video on demand (VOD) content, as well as the opportunity to tap into live streaming video for pay-per-view events, for example. 

You’ll also appreciate the immense flexibility when it comes to your video monetization options. Depending on your preferred business model and what works best with your particular audience, you may decide to offer subscription plans. That’s typically what you’d see today with Netflix, for example. Offer different price and duration options by creating different subscription plans.

Alternatively, you may choose to take a different approach. For example, you can sell your videos as one-time purchases. That’s more of a traditional approach, like how you can buy a movie to watch on Amazon Prime, for instance. Or, you might go with video rentals, like how you can rent a movie for 48 hours on Google Play Movies. Or, you can sell bundles. It’s really up to you. Some Uscreen clients earn over $30,000 each month!

Regardless of the monetization model you use, there is no revenue share and no hidden fees.  Uscreen doesn’t take a cut of your profits; you just pay your set monthly fee. They take care of customer billing too. The audience is yours. 

Customize and Brand Your Streaming Service

As informative, entertaining or creative as you may be in the creation of your own video content, you may or may not have the technical wherewithal to code a video website, app or OTT “channel” from scratch. This can cost you tens of thousands of dollars just to get started.

Not to worry. Uscreen has you fully covered here, because it really is an all-in-one solution.

Uscreen grants you access to a number of built-in themes that you can then customize and brand to your heart’s content. They all work right “out of the box,” so all you have to do is upload your videos and provide their descriptions. The CMS and themes can take care of the rest. 

The professional themes are right on par with what you already see from much larger studios and corporations in their mobile apps, desktop video experiences, and OTT apps. For your end customer, the design is clean, attractive, and easy to navigate and enjoy.

A great way to see what a Uscreen-powered VOD service can look like is to peruse through the library of live Uscreen examples. These individuals and companies are “successfully monetizing their content online and over-the-top.”

How to Build Your Community with uScreen

The dream of running your digital content empire is now longer just a dream. Thanks to powerful tools and solutions like uScreen, anyone can follow the processes laid out on their site to take full control over the content you create.

In short…own your content, own your customer, and own the future of your video business. The Uscreen platform takes care of all the technical challenges that go into running a VOD service so you can focus on creating the awesome content your audience craves. 

The Basic Uscreen plan is $99 per month when paid annually, stepping up to the $249 Pro plan (their most popular plan). They all include the video CMS, robust analytics, payment processing, community tools, marketing tools and more, varying in the number of subscribers and one-time sales you can accept, along with some other differences. 

All plans come with a 14-day free trial.