1 Smart Approach to Being a Professional Blogger


The more you give the more you get. This is the basic law of blogging. This is the basic law of life. Most of you know this. But for odd reasons, most bloggers do not understand how embodying this quality simply reflects your results back to you. Think about it. Most bloggers feel confused about why they struggle. But you give what you get. Getting little indicates that you are giving little. Or getting little indicates that you are giving somewhat but holding back too much. One smart approach to being a professional blogger is to give freely of your time and talents every time you create content. Doing this ensures that your getting increases. “Getting” meaning your traffic, blogging income and blogging business overall.

For example, observe this blog post. I will publish a 1000-word blog post to help you. This means I have your attention and energy for a thousand words or a good 4 to 5 minutes. Writing a 1000-word blog post requires me to be generous with my time and talents. Being generous means devoting a good 20 to 30 minutes to write the post, proofread the post and publish the post. I also promote one of my eBooks through every blog post, sharing freely of my premium offerings. Going pro became easier the moment I decided to live the principle of giving freely. Instead of trying to hold back, I simply wrote posts freely and published guest posts on a variety of platforms. Instead of trying to be stingy, I wrote 600 or 800 or 1000 word blog posts. Publishing content freely increased my skills, exposure and credibility, all positioning me to become a professional blogger.

Follow my lead. Take this smart approach to becoming a professional blogger. Give freely. Publish multiple pieces of content daily between your blog or guest posts or live broadcasts or podcasts. At least publish one piece of content daily. Be generous. The more you give the more you get, but of course, be patient and persistent. Nobody pays you for every blog post you publish. We blog. We do not work jobs based on receiving paychecks for work completed.

Giving generously of your time and talents for a long time builds your business. You’ll be everywhere. People trust you, hire you and buy your stuff. Increased blogging income follows. Simple formula. But it gets uncomfortable to work for free for a long time. Build your vision. See your dream life in vivid detail. Don’t get shaken out. Don’t panic. Don’t bail. See the journey through by blogging the right way. Create helpful content generously. Connect with fellow bloggers by generously promoting them and by commenting on their blogs. Success will find you.


This is the smart approach because you use your noodle before blogging. Imagine publishing three, 1000 word guest posts today. Now imagine how much time readers of these guest posts spend on site between each of your 1000-word guest posts. You got a lot of eyeballs on your content, links, blog and business. Grabbing reader’s attention spans for an increased amount of time ensures your business grows slowly and steadily over the long haul. People will keep visiting your links, hiring you and buying your stuff because you maintain a high level of visibility in your niche.

Someone spends five minutes reading one guest post of yours. Then they spend 7 minutes reading another guest post of yours. Toss in another 6 minutes reading your third guest post and you have their attention for nearly 18 minutes. This is a lifetime in the online world. Ditto for being a lifetime in the blogging world. Why did you grab a reader’s attention span for nearly 20 minutes today? Being generous opened the door. Instead of spamming comments or cold pitching bloggers from a stingy energy, you helped people for free, generously publishing multiple 1000-word blog posts across blogs other than your own. Since you were generous with readers, readers are generous with you. Do you see how nicely this works?

However, thinking, feeling and acting like a pro blogger by taking this smart approach often feels scary for new or struggling bloggers. Have faith in yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Believe professional bloggers. Trust their advice. Professionals know the way. Professionals know you need to think, feel and act like a pro blogger well before you become a professional blogger. Pros also know you need to act intelligently like a professional blogger before you make a penny online. First you give freely, patiently and persistently, then the money comes later. But being generous is the critical, intelligent step to allow expansion to occur.

Remember why you blog. Tie that reason to something fun and freeing. Visualize yourself circling the globe, living in places like Fiji and Bali for months at a time. Or imagine yourself blogging from your home. Dream whatever dream feels most freeing and fun to you. Take your time. Visualize on a daily basis. Seeing your picture come alive in mind gives you confidence, clarity and knowing that everything is moving into form.

Naturally, you do as a professional does because you have already seen your professional blogging life manifest in your mind. The first step that you take is increasing your generosity. Instead of trying to get rich quick or just trying to pay bills you begin giving freely of your time and talents. Guest post regularly on blogs. Lengthen your blog posts a little bit. Podcast. Broadcast live. No need to do everything. But you better be generous to position yourself to succeed because the more you give, the more you get. This is the professional blogging mantra.


Give freely. Receive easily. See yourself succeeding online and enjoying the sweet benefits of your professional blogging career. Being generous is the natural effect of your dream-image cause.


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