What Traffic Question Do Full Time Bloggers Ask?


“How do I drive targeted traffic to my blog?”

Full-time bloggers think about driving targeted traffic to their blogs. Most other bloggers think about driving blog traffic. Most bloggers have a difficult time going pro because they just want traffic. Full-time, professional bloggers know that highly targeted traffic boosts their bottom line as far as making money through their blogs. I enjoy spending time only with people interested in getting blogging tips. I know these people like my eBooks, courses, audio books and paperbacks. Plus these folks are far more likely to buy ad space or sponsored posts on my blog. I think about how to continue to drive highly targeted traffic to my blog because I want to effectively use my energy.

Professional bloggers think about the ideal person to visit their blog. Pros always have targeting on the mind because attracting the right reader makes the difference with your blogging campaign. Forget about conversions and all that other stuff for a minute.

Think about the simple analogy of opening a bagel store. Who do you want to attract to the store? Only people interested in eating bagels or whatever you have to offer, matter, at the end of the day. Who cares if 10000 people walk by your store every single day? 10,000 people who do not want to eat bagels do not walk in your store and you eventually go broke, not making a dime through your bagel store. 10000 human beings worth of foot traffic are worthless if these 10,000 people do not want to eat bagels. But 20 to 50 or a hundred people daily who want to eat bagels walking by your store change your bottom line in a wonderful way. Expect to go from 0 profits to hundreds and thousands of dollars if you focus all of your attention and energy on attracting targeted foot traffic to your store. Or perhaps you have the type of real estate where drivers may visit your store.

Spend Time in Quiet

Spend a great deal of time in quiet. Step away from the online world. Full-time bloggers who go professional spend plenty of time in quiet, thinking, feeling through and planning their blogging campaign. This is an important step for driving targeted traffic because you need an intelligent campaign to appeal specifically to folks highly interested in your blog, products and services. Think through how you can better plan your targeted blogging campaign. What type of content do you publish? Do you always blog on a single topic, that being your niche topic?  Deliberately ponder these questions in a quiet room. Do not give one or two minutes to the targeting question while online because distractions pull you away from these important, pressing issues.

Professional bloggers act like professional bloggers by planning their targeting campaign. This involves ample thought and little action because the plan itself precedes the blogging online work. Lock the door, throw away the key and simply spend time in quiet to patiently plan out your targeted traffic campaign.

Stay on Topic

Ensure that you blog solely about the one topic that you should be covering. This is a simple way to target your audience. Professionals know that quality readers make the difference. People who want to follow your blog, who buy your stuff and who hire you are your ideal readers. Publish content on a single topic every time out to attract these readers. Grow on your targeted reader by serving their needs through every blog post you publish. Listen to your reader’s problems. Solve their problems through your blog post. But make sure to stay on your single topic to establish authority in your niche. Full-time bloggers become specialists, not generalists.

Where Do You Hang?

Where do you hang out during your blogging day? Network only in spots where your ideal readers hang out. For example, blogging tips bloggers would spend 95% to 100% of their day hanging out in spots visited only by folks who want blogging tips. Answer questions on Quora related to blogging tips in the appropriate blogging themed categories. Answer questions on Facebook groups related to blogging and blogging tips. Engage readers on Twitter who follow the blogging hashtag. Simply stick around these spots to drive targeted traffic to your blog. Pros waste no energy. Full-time bloggers effectively and efficiently create helpful content and build bonds with people only interested in what the pros have to offer.


Remember guys; absolutely no wasted motion on this one. Full-time bloggers ask the right blogging question when it comes to traffic. Rather than asking how do you get blog traffic, the professionals of the world and aspiring pros ask themselves how do they drive targeted blog traffic. Targeted blog traffic is relevant blog traffic. Everything else is virtually worthless because unless people want to follow your blog, buy your stuff and hire you, they simply serve as numbers on screen. Your job is to use time and energy incredibly effectively. Target. Blog abundantly and intelligently to succeed online.

Plan out your blog targeting campaign by spending time in a quiet room. Minimize distractions. Build your plan in a favorable environment. Publish content only related to your niche. Build your authority in that niche to target your readership. Network only in spots where your ideal readers hang out. Again, no wasted motion here. Improve your visibility in spots where your ideal readers frequent.

Follow these simple tips to think, feel and act like a full-time blogger. Drive targeted traffic to your blog to live your dreams through blogging.


Following these blogging tips is one way to gain the trust of your readership. Targeting readers helps you build blogging authority in the right spots, boosting your credibility in front of your ideal readers. Do you want other blogging tips to gain trust? Buy my eBook:

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